A Resume for the Modern Art Teacher

If you read this article a while back, you may be thinking, “Can I really pull off a trendy resume like that?”

It’s important to strike a balance between professionalism and creativity. When I saw this resume by Kassie, I was blown away! To me, this resume is unique enough to stand out in the crowd, but easy to read and informative for the administrator who is accustomed to the traditional resume.

Resume Sample

Click on this sample to see the details, and thanks, Kassie, for sharing. My favorite part? The fact that it all fits on one page. I always value simplicity (if you can squeeze it all in). I hope it inspires you to revamp your resume to stand out in the pile. You just never know what opportunities may come about!

Is your resume in need of some serious updating?

Do you use a resume or do you call it a Vitae (CV)

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Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • I wish I was brave enough for a resume like this. I just don’t want to get passed up by a traditionalist principal. I have been using the same resume format for 3 years and I am so bored with it…but I don’t know how to make it more functional and fit more info. Plus, I still like it traditional. Any more traditional examples?

    • One creative way to take a traditional resume and give it a little ‘flair’ without all the bells and whistles is to simply add color. Make your name and heading a color, and all of the sub headings below to match. Something this simple might just do the trick for you. It’s all about finding what makes you comfortable and allows your greatness to shine through.

    • Marie Elcin

      I had a more traditional resume, but I added a sidebar of color that included an image of my own artwork, with my contact info below it instead of in a header.

  • Hi Jessica, I’m an administrator in an elementary school and I LOVE reading your site. This week we have been interviewing over a dozen candidates for a PE job. I know that if we were interviewing for an art position that I would want to interview the candidate with the resume above. Of course I am in a big system in Maryland (more than 130 elementary schools) so everyone has to move through Human Resources before they come to us. But I think if you are trying to get a job as an art teacher, it is a FINE thing to show that you are creative and can make a resume that is visually appealing and plays to visual literacy skills.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Jennifer- It’s great to hear your perspective as an administrator. Thank you so much for chiming in. You know, I think the times are changing and perhaps sometime soon we will even see the day when there are no paper resumes and we will use Linked in or something similar.

  • Melissa


    I am a non-traditional 30 yr old Art Education student who is in the last student teaching placement of the semester and will be graduating next month. I was in the corporate world before this and am used to sticking to the “boring” professional resumes while my creative heart and soul screamed. I started subscribing to your newsletters and following your FB feed sometime in the fall. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of the info you post…. especially this resume!! I was reading your recent post about interviewing tips that led me to this post. This is definitely THEE BEST INFO EVER! Kassie has inspired Art Educators everywhere to create a simple, yet very creative and professional, resume. I have sat many times through student teaching and thought to myself, “How am I going to make my resume stand out?! There has to be a way! I’m a talented, experienced, and passionate artist that has a knack for teaching. How do I do what I do best – think outside of the box?” I have a graphic design background and knew there had to be solution…. and Kassie has found it. Thank you so much for sharing her resume with all of us. It is seriously a lifesaver! I will have to let you know if I land an interview in the coming months!

  • My daughter is in this stage of her life. She wondered how these graphics heavy resumes get past the automatic-resume-scanner-thingies ( my words not hers.). Any one know?

  • Maggie

    Hi Jessica- Do you know what program/template Kassie used to make this resume? I’m not an art teacher, but I LOVE the style she has used here. Thanks!! ~Maggie

    • You can use anything, really. Pages on your Mac and even Word if you are savvy.

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  • Vicki Oehring

    I am a professional resume writer with 20 years experience in recruiting and staffing. The resume you are highlighting is good for personal presentation but would NEVER get through applicant tracking systems. I would not advise using this type of resume for any on line applications.

  • kelly

    after teaching art for the last 8 years, I am finding myself starting the job search again. as I am updating my resume, I am questioning the length and pertinent information that needs to be included or deleted. my question is: how far back should I go with information? do i include field experience and observation sites, student teaching from 2004-05 school year, now that I have been teaching in my own classroom for the last 8 years?

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  • Beth Venditti

    Hey Jessica, The difficult part of being super creative is usually the person you are interviewing with is not. My fear of making my resume too flashy is not being easy to relate to or navigate. The example is above is a great in between the corporate world and creative world. Thank you for that. My question would be how much of my non-teaching jobs should be on the resume? I obviously don’t want to highlight them but if I don’t include everything will I be “lying”?

  • Shelly

    Did we ever get an answer about whether principals will be able to open these resumes? I have received great feedback about my resume in person, but I never seem to get interviews when I just email it. I wonder if something is wrong with it.

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