Mar 5, 2013

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Keep Calm and Carry On Poster: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: 6-8 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Color and Space

Art Skills: Using Design Software

Art History: Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

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Click here to download the free lesson plan

Click here to download the free lesson plan

Keep Calm and Carry On parodies are all around us. It seems as though everywhere I go I see the catchy saying reproduced. My students have seen the image on the internet, specifically on facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This project is an excellent introduction to parodies and appeals to both boys and girls.

If you don’t have access to computers, students can create Keep Calm and Carry On posters using paper with markers, colored pencils, and magazines. The possibilities are endless!

This great Art Ed lesson plan is 100% FREE to download! Use it in your classroom and share with your colleagues. For more free lessons like this one, visit our Lessons Page and download them all!

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