Where Do You Read AOE?

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One of the philosophies that AOE was founded on, is idea that art teachers deserve relevant PD that comes directly to THEM. No waiting for a yearly collaboration meeting or your monthly subscription to come in.

Quick Tip: Try saving AOE Lesson Plans into your iPad’s iBooks app. Crazy cool!

Between smartphones, iPads, laptops and desktops it seems we are always connected. Blessing or burden, this is the truth. So, today I am curious- Where do you read AOE? Do you check the site weekly? Daily with your morning coffee? Use it as a search engine for art ed info? Pin the articles to your boards for later use? Do you read it at work, or at home? At night or in the morning? How and when do you get your AOE fix?

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Thanks for sharing your story – and most of all- thanks for reading!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Kristy Rolig

    Currently on maternity leave, so I’m reading on my iPhone while feeding baby! I subscribed on my google reader, so I read it when I’m reading other blogs.

    • I’ve totally been there before, too Kristy! Lots of “down time” and forced realization while feeding baby. Not so shabby! Enjoy the rest of your leave, and thanks for sharing.

  • Delaney

    I love the Art of Education (thanks!) and usually read at school in the morning before my kids arrive.

  • Bryan H.

    I was surprised to see the image of the lessons in your iPad’s ‘iBooks’ app. I’ve been saving mine there as well – so nice.

    I usually read AOE at night after my kids are asleep. Usually on my computer, but sometimes on my iPad on the couch (if it’s been an extra long day.)

  • Art on my hands

    I read at home on the computer or open it on the iPad during my prep, if I have time. A must read!

  • Emily

    I subscribe on my Google Reader also, which I check each morning on my laptop as I’m eating breakfast at home. Since AOE almost always has a new post it is one of the blogs I regularly read each day. Anything I want to remember I pin on my Pinterest board.

  • Lauren Wenk

    Oh this makes me think that there’s an “The Art of Ed” app for the iphone and I got really excited!!! :(

  • cfrobeyinc

    I have to admit I don’t get to read AOE daily as I would like to but read it about a couple times a week during prep times and evenings. Just a great resource…keep up the great work! Cathy