AOE Lesson Plans are Back!

Lesson plans for art teachers – seems like they’re almost a dime a dozen nowadays, doesn’t it? There are good ones, bad ones, and everything in between. I’ve publicly announced my own internal issues with art teachers who seem to be constantly finding new lessons to teach, but never really refining their practice in other areas.

But, after looking deeper, so many random lesson plans out there lack some pretty important things that I think every good Art Ed lesson plan should have. So, I came to the conclusion that, yes, lesson plans are easy to find… but GOOD art lessons are much more difficult to find.



What defines a good lesson? Everyone’s opinion is different no doubt, but for the AOE team, good lessons don’t just provide a ‘follow-me’ process… but still teach important art skills. Good lessons they aren’t defined only by a beautiful finished product, but something that you will still be proud to hang in the hallways. Good Art Ed lesson plans should allow a different outcome for each student, and provide a chance for kids to make creative artistic decisions. Good lessons should also take the guesswork and headache out of your job by aligning with the common core connections you know your administration is looking for.


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What would be even better, is if all this came in a handy printable one-page PDF format. If you’ve ever tried to print 5 pages from a blog feed, when the font is too small or has a frustrating black background, you know why the one-page printable is so important.  Plus, this format makes getting your sub plans together a breeze (especially in an emergency). We’ve provided enough detail that anyone can pick this up and teach it, but don’t want to waste your time (and save trees) by the redundancy of pages and pages of stuff. You are smart. You’ll figure it out. Our one page format was so popular  in the past, we still get emails about it, so we have brought it back. You are welcome!

One Page Printable Preview

Please take moment to visit our Lessons Page and see for yourself. We are so pleased with the final result, we’re are putting our stamp of approval on each one. If a lesson plan has the “AOE Approved” stamp, you can be sure of a few very important things:

Every Art Ed lesson plan that carries the AOE Stamp of Approval (at right), upholds the following standards:

[custom_list type=”check”]

  • Creative Based Outcomes, no two products will look exactly the same
  • Real-world classroom tested by a Certified Art Teacher
  • Lessons involve artistic decision making, fine motor skills and Higher Order Thinking skills
  • Lessons involve and link to the COMMON CORE subjects (your administration is craving this)
  • Includes insider tips, including assessment strategies, management tips and material usage tricks
  • Simplified, streamlined, 1-page, printable, PDF format (yay!)


Did I mention these are free? Yep – you heard me. We just want to provide you, our amazing readers, with quality plans to help make your life easier.  Enjoy our AOE approved lesson plans and be sure to check back often, we’ll be adding at least on new lesson plan every week!

Let me know what you think  by visiting our newly revamped “Lessons Page” today.   There are many new lessons you haven’t yet seen.

What do you value in a “Good” Art Ed Lesson Plan?

What are your favorite places to find new lesson plans for your classroom?

How do you save and organize lesson ideas you want to try?

Talk to you soon-


Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Rina

    Thanks for posting this resource in the handy format! Can’t wait till 6th grade plans are up.

  • artprojectgirl

    Great work on this! Not an easy task . . . I remember trying to format the lesson shares that people sent me whew! You are amazing.

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