Great Giveaway: Pick and Draw Game

{This giveaway is closed. Congrats to Beth Iverson, who was the winner, chosen by Thanks to everyone who entered!}

 Yesterday Amanda reviewed the game Pick and Draw by creator Rich Davis. It’s an engaging drawing game for all levels that leads to hilarious results. She thought it would be a great addition to any art room for students who are intimated by drawing and need a little extra “warm up” to get them going. See her video trying out the game right here, along with other resources from Pick and Draw you might be interested in.

Today, in honor of ringing in 2013,  you have a chance to win your very own Pick and Draw game for your classroom.

To Enter:

  • Comment on this post, saying “PICK AND DRAW ME!” and you will be entered to win. Bonus! – Tell us how you might use this in your classroom.
  • Be sure to include your email address when you fill out the comment form so we have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
  • This giveaway will be closed on January 4th at Midnight, Central Time. The winner will be chosen by

Good luck and Happy New Year! 

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Jeff

    PICK AND DRAW ME! I would love to have this game in my art room. It would be great to have to include in an emergency substitute lesson plan, as well as a springboard activity to lesson such as cubist portraiture.

  • Mallory

    PICK AND DRAW ME! Though I teach high school, those kids still LOVE activities like this. Perfect for periods where we have early dismissals and just a bit of time for something fun!

  • Emily S.

    PICK AND DRAW ME! I’m a first year teacher and am building the resources in my classroom – especially for free choice time.

  • Ingrid

    PICK AND DRAW ME! I would use this in my open-choice area.

  • Emily Owens

    Pick and draw me! I loved the idea of using it to begin a portrait lesson or as a story starter. I also think it’d be great in my free choice activities, or as a sub lesson.

  • Art on my hands

    Pick and Draw Me! I can’t wait to try these out for a 3D clay project. I think the little functional creatures will be really cute and plan to initiate the project with 4th and 5th grade students. I also think these would be terrific in an “I’m finished basket” This will be a new basket that I will fill with finish the picture pages along with the game.

  • Ronda Sternhagen

    PICK AND DRAW ME! (or at least draw my name to receive the book…although random drawings of me could be fun also)

    I have had my students really interested in Dice Drawing sheets (see samples at and they have an absolute blast. In fact, we are going to draw our own Dice Drawing sheets after we return from winter break. Adding the Pick and Draw Game would fit in perfectly with “the plan.”

    Many thanks…and Happy New Creative Year!

  • Katie Gruchow

    Pick and Draw Me!! I would love to have more choices for the students to get creative in the art room. Thanks for doing this!

  • Jen

    PICK AND DRAW ME! I would use something like this in my free time area!!

  • Kati Walsh

    Pick and draw me!

  • Jamie Petit

    Pick and Draw Me – I would use this in my “What do I do Next?” Station!

  • Meg Walsh

    Pick and Draw Me! I would love to use this game as a “what do i do when im finished?” activity! seems really engaging, my grades 1-5 would have a blast!

  • Beth Iversen

    I would love this game! Pick and Draw Me!. I am always looking for art games to play with the kids. This could be fun as a center or an all class warm up.

  • Art Teachers Hate Glitter

    PICK AND DRAW ME!!! I would totally use this in lieu of teaching real content. Who can be bothered anymore? Just kidding. I would use this in my “Free Choice” area.

    • Jessica Balsley

      Too funny.

  • Leah Schultz

    “PICK AND DRAW ME!” This game would also be a great wrap up activity for the early finishers.

  • Colette Alexandra

    PICK AND DRAW ME! This would be great to use as a warm up to a drawing project — especially on a day like tomorrow — first day back from a long break!

  • Marie Elcin

    Pick and Draw Me! This would be in my free area or as a starter for a comic book lesson.

  • Marie Elcin
  • Cathy Lyles

    Pick and Draw Me! Another way our students could use this is to have two students or a group of students do this together. One student picks each card and has to describe what it looks like for the others to draw without seeing the card. All the faces will look different depending on how the drawer interprets the description. Then the card holder can share the card when the drawings are done.

  • Becca Ruth

    I have had great success with this game. I used it on the first day of school with my students. You can see my blog review of it here:

  • Gina Kotenko

    Pick and Draw Me!!!

    I think this would be a great warm up. Many of the students in my new job have been without art ed for quite sometime. This would be a terrific way to assess their skills!

  • Charmaine

    Looks like this would be a clever addition to the options for those students who are finished with a project ahead of others in the class. It can be used individually or in groups. I checked out Rich Davis’s video showing how the same shape cards can be used to create four very different cartoon faces…could make for some creative competition for small groups! So I would love for you to “pick me” so my students can draw something new in 2013. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Dawn

    Pick and draw me!
    This would be a great addition to my class inside recess activity cabinet for groups of students to work together!

  • tobie711

    Pick and draw me! Happy New Year!!

  • Rachel

    Pick and draw me!

    This would be especially fun on the days when half the class is out at band rehearsal, or on Act 80 days, when art class is just 20 minutes long and something engaging and do-able is hard to find!

  • vicki curtiss

    pick and draw me!

    What a fun game to use for a fun change to the day.

  • Mary

    Pick and Draw ME!

    This looks like a great activity for kids… a great way to build confidence as a warm up!

  • Gordon Gavin

    Looks like a cool way to supplement game based learning I am experimenting with!

  • Sandi Jo DeLoge

    PICK AND DRAW ME!! Great activity for early finishers as well as for our celebration days!!!

  • Andrea Clague

    Could really use this! I am a brand new Elementary Art teacher and have zero money to get stuff for centers/free time activities, etc. This would sure be something nice to start my year off right with!!

    • Andrea Clague

      Oops! Meant to add…PICK And DRAW ME!!

  • Beth Carter

    PICK and DRAW ME would be a great lesson the first week of school.

  • Mary L.

    PICK AND DRAW ME! This would be a great warmup activity and/or an activity to use with the early finishers.

  • Klair

    PICK AND DRAW ME! What an awesome way to engage kids during the start of a lesson!

  • DMPanzner

    “PICK AND DRAW ME!” This will be a great resource for Bell Work or ideas for my older kids Process Journals! Thank You! :-)

  • Erica

    PICK AND DRAW ME! – upcoming unit on cartooning!

  • Andrea

    PICK AND DRAW ME!! I would use this as a warm up, and in my “what do I do now that I am done” corner of the art room. Good emergency plan too, in case of being too sick to write up lesson plans for a sub!
    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Mrs Stevenson

    Awesome idea! My kids would love using this as a prompt for their free art time!

  • lauralee

    pick and draw me please. I would use this at art parties in centers.

  • Melissa Enderle

    Pick and Draw Me sounds like a non-threatening game that would be great for art centers and free choice days

  • Tiffany Erie

    Pick and draw me!!!! I love using these kind of games to help ease the fear of drawing. It would be a great way to also help kids get started with something like Picasso lesson when they are worried about their Picasso style portrait not being realistic. Also, a way for them to see that we can all see the same thing but create something different and validate their unique ideas rather than them copying. Thanks for the game suggestion!

  • Susan McKenna Macumber

    Pick me! I can’t wait to show kids and see what they do!

  • Kristyn

    Pick and draw me! This would be a great end of the year game :)

  • Angela Harris

    Pick and draw me! What a nice giveaway. I would use this as free choice and for a substitute.

  • Mary Saternus

    Pick and Draw Me! I keep track of positive behavior in my art classes, and I would use this to give those classes a special art day.

  • Lee Ann

    Pick and Draw, ME! :) I think this would be great for a substitute teacher day. It could also be used as a center / individual project if student is done or waiting on something with the reg. assignment.

  • Patty Davidson

    PICK AND DRAW ME! Getting kids to loosen up in their drawing will help inspire creativity in just about every project we do. I hope I get to try it out with many age groups!

  • Vicky Siegel

    PICK AND DRAW ME! This would be great for early finishers!!

  • Jodi

    Oh, the kids and I would LOVE it…it would be a wonderful addition to our art room!

  • Linda

    Yes! Pick and draw me! Fun for kids and teacher! Let the kids take turns leading the fun!

  • Lisa H

    PICK AND DRAW ME! I LOVE the idea of this. It would be a great warm-up, fun sub activity, and excellent activity for the “when you’re finished” corner! I love that it can be used as a group activity or solo! It can also be used as a fun introduction facial proportions and expression!

  • holly

    Pick and Draw!

  • Rebecca Ross

    PICK AND DRAW ME! I would use this for a warm up, transition activity, and activity for early finishers! My students are always looking for drawing ideas and ways to stretch their imaginations!


    Pick and Draw me!
    This would be a great game, warm up, or reward. It could also be used while students are in line (on a dry erase)

  • Vonnie

    Pick and Draw Me – almost too late but found you tonight! I would definitely use this for those little spaces of time where we don’t have a lot of time left like after a lesson, before going to an assembly or letting the ‘faster’ students work together on.

  • Ana M. Sanchez Lloret

    PICK AND DRAW ME! – I will use this awesome game with my students as a doodle warm up, as I always do with them each morning right before start my Visual Arts class. My students have a Doodle Sketchpad where they collect every doodle they do and a short description about it. This activity help them to improve and reinforce their creative writing skills, and vocabulary.

  • Mrs. Corey

    I will use it as my bell ringer