Book Review: Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

We all know and love Peter Reynold’s books like The Dot and Ish.  His whimsical illustrations and heart warming characters drive home over-arching themes that encourage everyone to be an artist.  Well, Reynolds has done it again, with his new book Sky Color!

In this story, young Marisol (who you might remember as Ramon’s little sister in Ish) is challenged to paint the sky in a class mural, without a drop of blue paint!  As she learns to really observe her surroundings and think creatively, she finds a solution that dazzles her classmates.  In today’s climate of standardized testing and students constantly worrying about doing something “right,” this book is a much needed reminder that sometimes the best solutions can come from challenges and it is okay to be different than the norm.

I strongly recommend this book as a wonderful addition for any art classroom.

Do you have a new “must-read” to share with the group?

Heather Crockett

Heather is AOE’s Educational Director and an expert in differentiation, curriculum development, and assessment. She is a veteran teacher in the art room and at the graduate level.


  • Jessica Balsley

    Peter illustrated the book “Someday” and I recognized his handiwork right away when I received the book as a gift. This book is a tear jerker about the circle of life. Another hidden “nugget” from Renynolds. Probably not perfect for the classroom, but one for your personal collection.

    • Heather Crockett

       Love that one!

  • Mcbartos

    I bought this book a few weeks ago. Love it! I read it to my first graders last week and had them create a wet on wet water color either using warm or cool colors. Kids loved it and had beautiful skies! Next week we’ll create winter trees to go with the beautiful watercolor skies.

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