Safe-T Compass: The Best Compass for All Ages!

When I started teaching middle school art, I inherited an amazing art room that contained some great and some not so great supplies. One of the not so great supplies was a classroom set of compasses. Many of them were broken and loose. Compasses are difficult to use when they’re in good condition and are especially difficult to use when they are defective. New compasses were on my supply list, and I couldn’t have been more excited to purchase new ones. I knew just the kind of compass I was going to purchase.

My favorite compass is the Safe-T Compass.

Here are the 5 reasons why every classroom should have a set of Safe-T Compasses:

1. They’re inexpensive. Dick Blick charges 1.50 for one or 12+ 1.37 and that’s without any additional discounts you receive. Sax sells them for $1.29
2. They’re safe. They are made with plastic and have no sharp points. Students don’t need to be using long sharp metal objects.
3. They’re easy to operate. I have used the compasses when I taught elementary and currently use them with middle school students. Once you demonstrate how to use the compass, the students will be circle drawing machines. They beg to use them!
4. They can be used as a ruler and straight edge. Not only can you draw circles but you can draw straight lines with the same tool, how convenient is that?
5. The safe-T compass can draw circles of all sizes. Starting with 1/8 inch up to 10 inches in diameter.

This YouTube Video has a quick demonstration of how this fabulous little tool actually works- Enjoy!

Have you ever used a Safe-T compass?

What is your favorite lesson to teach using a compass?

Cassidy Reinken

This article was written by former AOE writer and life-long learner, Cassidy Reinken.


  • I agree,  Cassidy! These are the best.

  • Maria

    Love these….work like none other….but some of my darlings like to break the thin frame near the wheel….these are the same kids who eat my erasers.

    • The students are tempted to put their fingers in the holes and spin the compass on their finger.  Luckily I haven’t had one break, but I have had a couple disappear.

  • Kszwahl

    I have used these for a long time and love them. But I do agree you have to take in consideration of possibly breaking. That being said, I think they are worth every cent! I hated those pointy, sharp old school compasses. I feel much better about my kids using them for intended purpose and not stabbing each other. Being able to turn my back with confidence that no one will try anything is- priceless. :)

  • MSMorris

    I completely agree. I have used many different types of compasses and these are the best!!!!

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