I Presented, and Lived to Tell the Tale!

I recently presented at the Iowa-Nebraska Art Conference and it was all about iPads in the Art Room!  It was great meeting those of you who attended the conference, always inspiring meeting people who you have met online. Conferences like this one are always re-energizing, to see old friends and to make new ones.

Chelsie and Jessica at the AOE Booth

Of course, despite a few nerves, I am here to share that I presented, lived to tell the tale, and so can you!

Wendy Miller, professor of Art Education at the University of Northern Iowa, presented with me! There is definitely some truth to the saying “Two Heads are better than one.”  If it’s your first time presenting, I would recommend paring up with a colleague to share in the fun. My middle school students are connecting and collaborating with Wendy’s art education pre-service teachers so we had a lot to share as a team.

To prepare for our presentation, Wendy and I met and created our presentation all on the iPad using Keynote (which is like PowerPoint.) Then we did what anyone presenting does, practiced our presentation, tested out the sites, and then arrived early to make sure that we were all set up and ready to roll.  I was shocked to see the entire room filled with standing room only. We even had people sitting on the floor.  This of course made me not only excited but also a bit nervous. We had a few technical problems with our YouTube videos not loading, but the audience was great!  And I even got to meet a friend of mine from Twitter!

You can download our presentation iCreate, converted to Power Point. We used Keynote on our iPad to present. Press play and click on the images to check out our hyperlinks   The three main apps that we highlighted were Voice Thread, Sketchbook Express, and StoMo.  It was as inspiring as attendees download recommended apps and were trying them out right there at the conference.  What a great experience of inspiring and being inspiring by the buzz of art educators connecting with one another!

This photo was created using the app called Pic College

So I survived through our technical issues and all! We are stronger together and everyone has great ideas to bring to the next art conference.  So I encourage you to sign up to present at your state Art Education conference or shoot for the National Art Educators Association Conference! I presented, and lived to tell the tale, and so can you! So go out there and stun your next art conference with your remarkable ideas.

Can’t get enough iPads, or want to expand upon the information in this presentation? I will be teaching iPads in the Art Room  in November. I can’t wait to share with you all of the things I’ve been doing with iPads in my Art Room and inspire you to take the iPad plunge, too!  Sign up today!

Have you presented at the state or national level?  Share your story!

What tips do you have to help inspire others to present?

Chelsie Meyer

This article was written by former AOE writer and technology guru Chelsie Meyer.