Introducing PD PAKS!

For years AOE has been helping art teachers with their individual professional learning goals though our Online Classes. Today we are beyond excited to finally be able to extend this learning to whole-group professional development – designed for your entire art department.

The idea for PD PAKS goes way back. When I was searching for a consultant to help my art team move forward with some of our curricular goals during our professional development days, I found it nearly impossible to find an affordable option with someone who KNEW anything about art education. The flight alone to bring them in broke our budget! There must be a better alternative.

I thought to myself:

  • Why is it so difficult for art teams to get the assistance they need to justify and carry out relevant PD?
  • Why are art teachers constantly asked to sit in generalized meetings and told to “make a connection?”
  • What will it take for art teachers to be taken seriously as a group in the eyes of their administration?
  • How can we get art teachers to move past simply idea sharing during their precious PD time?

The answer to all of these issues we’ve been hearing from art teachers around the country? AOE’s PD PAKS!

PD PAKS include everything you need to carry out meaningful professional development including over 40 hours worth of Professional development: complete with resources, links, downloadable matrixes, handouts, eBooks and an AOE Expert to be your consultant-on-call to help personalize your PD sessions and answer your questions along the way. You can use the resources how you want, and break them down into the time frame that works best for your team.

Read more about how you can take charge of your own Professional Development, convince your administration to support you, and finally stop sitting through meetings that don’t pertain to you, by visiting our PD PAKS page.

What issues do you have in regards to your PD?  Do you get to meet with other Art Teachers?

What questions do you have for us about PD PAKS?

We are excited to work with your team!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.