Sep 3, 2012

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New E-Book! Designing Your Art Curriculum: An Art Teacher’s Handbook

I’ll admit it, when it comes to designing art curriculum, I am kind of a nerd… Which is why I am really excited to share with you today what I’ve been working on for the past few months. As you know, putting together an art curriculum is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together: a puzzle that is NEVER finished. You will always be tweaking until your last year of teaching draws to a close. Here is what’s hard. You are so busy! You don’t always have time to research best practice in curriculum development, so you just settle for what you are already doing, maybe throwing in a new lesson here or there.

That is why I wrote this. Because I get it. I’ve been there.

After going through a frustrating Curriculum Review process in my own art department, I wanted to create for you the resources I WISH we possessed when reviewing and re-writing our curriculum. So much precious time was wasted researching, and as we rushed to complete in a few hours what should have taken days, I look back and think our curriculum could have been much stronger if we just had the right support and resources to get the job done and fulfill our vision.

This book is meant to be a guide  to enhancing each and every one of the learning experiences you already do, finding new ways to add to your existing curriculum and help to make your curriculum feel complete. Nothing will be left behind! This book is meant to be a customizable resource meant to inspire you. It’s not a “have to” guide, it’s a “here are a bunch of ideas, now take them and put them together in the way you best see fit” guide.

First, a completely FREE E-Book:

This FREE instant Download “Designing Your Art Curriculum: A Pocket Workbook of Planning Matrixes,” which contains exclusive access to 8 blank, printable PDF Planning Matrixes (You know, like the ones that are already filled out to someone else’s specifications you’ve been Pinning on Pinterst, but can’t DO anything with them but look?) Yep, that’s what I thought. These blank PDF’s are perfect to print and get started mapping your dream curriculum right away.

You can actually download it right now by clicking here.  Just enter your info, and click submit… we’ll send you the PDF link via email! It’s that easy. If you like what you see and you get some use out of this free tool, please pick up the next, more comprehensive, eBook called “Designing Your Art Curriculum: An Art Teacher’s Handbook.”

Design Your Art Curriculum: An Art Teacher’s Handbook

To get the complete picture, with more background information, more implementation ideas,more specific samples from curriculum all over the nation, and more planning matrixes (editable in a variety of ways) and assembled ready to go so you can put them to use tomorrow, you’ll want to check out “Designing Your Art Curriculum: An Art Teacher’s Handbook!”  It’s the best resource I know of for Art Teachers who want to plan their own curriculum in an informed and systemic way.

“Designing Your Art Curriculum: An Art Teacher’s Handbook” is the ultimate resource for busy Art Teachers who don’t feel they can afford time to add one more thing to their plate. This eBook helps you take ownership of your curriculum, gives you the ammunition you need to back up and support all of your curricular decisions and give you exclusive access to a variety of samples from around the country to help you take what you love, and leaving you with a perfectly balanced curriculum.

If you’ve ever wondered how other schools and teachers design their curriculum, but haven’t found the time to sit down and research best practice, or create complicated matrixes, don’t worry. We’ve done that all for you! .

We have jam packed this resource with…

If you’ve never seen anything like this out there, that’s because it doesn’t exist. Art Teachers all around the country need help with designing their curriculum and they don’t deserve to have someone else tell them what to teach. You know your students, you know your teaching style, and most of all you are smart enough to come up with a killer curriculum for your art students, and we are here to facilitate this process. The book is geared toward Elementary, Middle School and High School curriculum development.  “Designing Your Art Curriculum: An Art Teacher’s Handbook”  is only $9. For the price of two cups of coffee, you can dramatically change the way you think about your teaching, and how your students learn. Let me know what you think, and enjoy these resources!




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