Why You Should Find a Work Buddy, Pronto!

Studies have  shown that people who have at least one close friend at work are happier, more productive at work, and have a more positive outlook regarding their job in general.  Have you ever thought about this?  Workplace relationshiosp are really important.  You spend 8 hours there, it’s good to have a friend. Plus, when you spend most of the day with students, it’s nice to have an adult to talk to (finally) when the last bell rings.

Original artwork from yours truly, made in elementary school…This is my best friend, and we are great friends to this day! If only she worked with me. That would be dangerous.

For me, my workplace friends usually tend to be the other specials teachers in my school. Since we are all stuck on “The Island of Misfit Toys” together, we may as well have some fun connecting while we are at it. Plus, we see all of the same students, so the common ground is nice when you need to vent or just share a funny story from the day.  The other art teachers and I are also really close. We have a special friendship, even though we only get to meet once a week, we all know each other really well. (Thank you PLC’s)

The former music teacher and I formed a great friendship, and I was even a bridesmaid in her wedding. I even know of someone who ended up marriying the music teacher at her school (she is the art teahcer, he is the music teacher) isn’t that cute?

So, who do you bond with at work?  How do they help you survive on a daily basis?

You know what they say….”You gotta have friends”

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Vicky Siegel

    The music teacher and I are very close at school, too. We get kidded a lot about how we talk so fast with each other, but we have such little prep time, that we have to get in all of our stories with minimal time! :)

  • Djhandy

    Curious about how you meet with other art teachers in PLCs.  Is there more than one art teacher in your building?  Or do you meet with other art teachers in the district?  If that’s the case, do you meet outside of the regular school day?
    We meet in PLC as the specialists in our building but it’s not that helpful for improving my art content.
    : /

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