Download Character Counts Posters for the Art Room

Do you use “Character Counts” at your school?  Character Counts is a school wide behavior program that encourages the Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Fairness, and Citizenship. Even if you don’t use Character Counts at your school, these virtues are important parts of a smoothly running art room.  I created a set of posters describing what each Pillar of Character looks like specifically in the Art Room. When we explicitly show our students what something looks like and sounds like, we encourage good choices.   Download the entire set of posters (PDF) to print and display in your art room.  You may even incorporate them into a Power Point for the beginning the year rules, like I do. 

What are other visuals you might use to encourage good choices in the art room?

Do you use Character Counts at your school?


Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Cathy

    I have been using this same concept in my art room, with visual reminders as well. This is part of teaching to the “whole child”. Probably one of my favorite parts of teaching. I want my students to succeed in life, not only in their career choice but more importantly in their values and being “the best version of themselves”. I like the idea of using this in a powerpoint presentation… wheels are turning! :) I think it would be fun to incorporate famous artwork to match each pillar as well. That will take some time figuring out which art…hmmmm….guess I better get busy! :)

  • Tskeels

    Instead of just penciling in names, I use very small sticky notes with names, then each year, I can just move them to their new position or class. And, when I need to shuffle students around, someone moves, or joins the class, just pull it out, create a new. These are color coded by grade.

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  • guest

    I teach 35 classes of 4th grade art, and when our school used the Pillars of Character, students cut out the letters for each pillar and glued them to 8’x4′ roll paper. I rotated the pillars for each class. Students would trace and cut their hand out of construction paper, and write on it how they can show that Pillar in daily life at home or school. They glued their hands to the paper and these banners went up in our hallways for the year.