Bob Ross Remixed: Must See for Art Teachers and Students Alike

You may have seen the Mr. Roger’s Remix that went viral on YouTube. This new video is the next in the series. We all remember watching Bob Ross on PBS, painting his ‘Happy Little Trees.”  This video’s message of freedom of creation and confidence in art making, (plus the nostalgia) will appeal to you as an art teacher and even your students. Mixing the new (Autotuning) and old (Bob Ross) it’s the perfect mix to bring a smile to your day! I think I’ve watched this like 5 times. Enjoy!



Isn’t that adorable?

How could you share this message with your students? 

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • That is very entertaining, I can’t wait to show this to my students!

  • What a happy little remix!

  • cfrobeyinc

    Very cool! I also remember the little squirrel he would have on his show at times. I would show this to my students and also place the video on my school blog so that the parents can enjoy as well. Many adults grew up watching Bob Ross, especially in the days prior to cable and satellite tv. Thanks for sharing!


    • I remember that squirrel too! Do you think it was his pet? So funny!

  • My favorite part is when he says “Make love to the canvas” – hahaha!  And the part about “Happy Mistakes” because this is the message we teach our students all the time- You can turn that mistake into something when you are making art. 

    • I liked the Happy Mistakes part too- I really try to stress to students that its not a mistake, just a change in the plan. Most of the time I can help them fix their “mistake”

      • Denise

         Or “Happy Accidents”, I think it is?? I think this video is funny to me because I remember bits and pieces of him from childhood (I’m almost 40). Yikes! And yes, some students do know who he is! But I think you’d only get it, or find it funny if you’ve watched him before. But he definitely was passionate about his art!

    • I laughed so hard when he said “make love to the canvas.” He always was a little creepy, but totally irresistible to watch! It’s amazing that he could create an entire painting in 25 minutes.

  • Erica Carlson

    Yeah I am not a prude, but I wouldn’t show that to kids. Not only because of the piece about making love and then the comments immediately following, but I hardly know who he is and I am 34…so what age were you thinking this would resonate with? Just curious. I wish it were funnier…aimed at adults or really innocent and meant for kids. But, it’s neither, so I guess I would just maybe do nothing with that one personally.

    • Gotcha. I see your point, too, and how parts are definitely innapropriate. I was thinking the message of creativity was the important part. Kids don’t watch shows about painting anymore, and he is a cultural icon, who brought art to those who otherwise wouldn’t be exposed. Take it or leave it!

      • I also don’t remember a lot about Bob Ross from my childhood but surprisingly a lot of my middle school students know who he is. One of my students even had a Bob Ross shirt on one day.
        If I was to show the video I would only show the first minute or so.
        I like how the video incorporates music and art. Of course I would probably talk about Bob Ross first so they understood the humor!

  • Jfazoff

    “Happy little clouds and happy little trees” ???, no I don’t think I’ll be showing that video to the kids.  The song is geared towards lower elementary (except for “making love to your canvas”) but the painting techniques are more advanced for Middle school and up.

  • Guest

    Love it but, careful about showing it to kids… He says “make love to the canvas” in one bit.

  • Happy Birthday Bob Ross!