Jul 1, 2012

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Introducing 4 New Online Classes!

Today I am extremely excited to announce 4 amazing new classes from The Art of Education! These classes will be offered starting this Fall, and are part of our newly announced Fall Schedule.  I am particularly excited about all four of these topics because they really get to the core of what Art Teachers truly need in their professional development.  In fact, many of the ideas came as a by-product of the AOE Team talking to all of our readers and class participants about what was missing from their professional development.

Take a peek and start planning out your Ridiculously Relevant™ Professional Development, today!

Which one of these 4 classes would you want to take first?

3 Credits- With budget cuts galore, the arts can easily be pushed to the sidelines in the eyes of the community, administration and politicians. You care about your art program more than anyone else, but this passion must be contagious in order to truly make a difference.

Though this class you will learn tips and tricks to advocate for your program, help the community see the arts in a new light.  You will research the arts in your area, and brainstorm ways to connect with the community at large through becoming your own best “Artvocate.” You will leave the course with a comprehensive Advocacy Plan you can start using tomorrow in order to boost your program and gain the respect the arts deserve in your community.

Stop sitting on the sidelines – Become a passion driven “Artvocate!”

You can take Advocating for the Arts in November! Learn More about our classes and Sign Up Today!



3 Credits- Designing your art curriculum is perhaps one of the most personal acts you will do as an art educator.  It’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, hoping that each part will fit together perfectly. It can be very difficult to make sure you are designing a curriculum that is balanced and meets the needs of your students and your teaching style.

As we enter an era of the “canned” or “pre-done” curriculum, art teachers must empower themselves to become experts at curriculum writing to drive home the fact that curriculum is not one size fits all. Through this class you will research what some of the best districts and programs in the nation are using for their art curriculum, as well as observe different styles and types of art curriculums being used and marketed today. Using this data as ammunition, you will design your own comprehensive toolkit with all of the necessary pieces to implement a curriculum that fits in best with your teaching, your students, and their needs. Don’t let someone else be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your art curriculum. Design your own today!

You can take Designing Your Art Curriculum in September!  Learn More about our classes and Sign Up Today!



2 Credits- The iPad craze is spreading like wildfire, and it’s your job to light the fire of inquiry between this innovative technology and your students.  Through this class, teachers will explore the basic working of the iPad, discover and utilize Apps and resources for use with integration in every aspect of the art room. Assignments will focus on teaching tools and resources for the instructor to use with students and hands on ideas for students to use with the iPad.  These tools will have students running to their core classes sharing their creative knowledge learned in your art classroom.  You do not need a classroom set of iPads to take this course, you will simply need one iPad and the willingness to learn.  In fact, we’ll even give you some strategies to help fund a class set of iPads to implement all of the wonderful ideas.

You can take iPads in the Art Room in November!  Learn More about our classes and Sign Up Today!



2 Credits- According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders has reached 1 in 88.   Meeting the needs of all students can be a challenge for art educators, because we see so many students with a variety of needs in a given day, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Empower yourself with up-to-date research and information on Autism and engage in discussion regarding best practice for students on the spectrum.  Learn teaching strategies and create practical tools to implement in your art classroom right away.  All students can be successful in the art room!

You can take Autism and Art in October!  Learn More about our classes and Sign Up Today!





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