The Ultimate Guide to Art Fundraisers

NOTE: This information is now out of date. For an updated guide to Art Fundraisers, please click here.

Last week we compared two art fundraising opportunities, Artsonia vs. Art to Remember.  The responses and comments from everyone were amazing and very insightful! Many other great fundraising options were mentioned, so we took your ideas and suggestions and created The Ultimate Guide to Art Fundraisers.

Please use this chart as way to compare some of the best art fundraisers to help give our art budgets a little boost.  These programs are designed to help art teachers supplement their budgets while at the same time promoting your program.



A few things that I do want to mention that we could not squeeze on this wonderful chart is the overwhelming response to Artsonia’s ability to build an art advocacy program by sharing students artwork with parents, grandparents, and community members through the online gallery.  Many of you said that the reaction from students seeing their work shared with the world was priceless and worth the extra effort it took to upload all those photos.

Many of you also said that you did Artsonia and another program.  You used Artsonia for the gallery feature and the other program (Art to Remember, Square 1 Art or Oringal Works- all somewhat similar) to have a one time fundraising event.  Art to Remember, Square 1 and Original Works are, as one reader said, comparing apples to apples.  Artsonia and Kids Art Festival are different types of fundraisers.

Check out the links below for more information about each of these programs.


Art to Remember

Square 1 Art 

Original Works

Kids Art Fairs

The Ultimate Guide to Art Fundraisers will hopefully make my decision a little easier, and yours, too, if you’ve also been considering a fundraiser for next year.  Many of you mentioned that a combination works best for you and your program, I’ll try to take your advice on this one.  Thanks for all our your input and insight-Happy Fundraising!

Tell us about your Fundraising Plans for the upcoming school year?

Will you try a fundraiser  featured in the Ultimate Guide?

Perhaps you do your own?  We’d love to hear about it! 

Chelsie Meyer

This article was written by former AOE writer and technology guru Chelsie Meyer.


  • This is awesome! Thanks for putting it together. I do Square 1 every year, but I’ve often thought about how fun it would be to have the students make greeting cards, stationary, or other small works to sell at the school store or at other school events. Maybe next year! 

    • Glad to help us sort it all out! Greeting cards and stationary sound like a wonderful idea-Best of luck next year.

  • Jen

    I took the ultimate challenge as a first year teacher and implemented the Original Works fundraiser. I have to say it is totally doable. And it seems to get easier every year I implement it. The best part is that I have literally doubled my budget every year I’ve done this program. Thanks for putting this guide together though, really great work.

    • Jen, You know Original Works is user friendly if you used their program during the craziness of your first year! Who doesn’t want to double their budget- that’s why using one of these companies is a must for me next year!

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  • Shelley Schoby

    I have
    been doing Original Work for 11 years. I feel that it is a quick and easy way
    to raise funds for my art program. I usually have a parent volunteer help
    out with sorting and bagging products that have been purchased.  I,
    also, like that I can use art lessons that are part of my
    curriculum.  Kids love to see their artwork displayed on really fun
    products. My daughter participated, and her favorite was a tiny shirt for her
    teddy bear.






  • katpremraj

    Updated info: Art to Remember now pays all shipping for schools, and when the products are shipped out to the schools, distributing art is a piece of cake as it is all separated by student and class. Yay!

  • New updated version of this fundraiser comparison, here:

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