May 10, 2012

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How to Stash Your Scraps

Waste not want not, that is what I say when it comes to saving paper scraps off the paper cutter.  I never want them to go to waste, but I also don’t want scraps to be thrown in a bin in a disorganized mess. View this quick video to see how I “stash my scraps” and keep things simple and organized.  This system has worked really well for me over the years, and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon!


Share your tricks in the comments section.  I know there are about a thousand ways to skin this cat.  So dish…How do you “stash your scraps”?

  1. Great idea Jessica! Thanks!  Hey,  on another note,  what web tool do you use to make such cool videos with your AOE ditty at the beginning?  Thanks

  2. I use pizza style boxes! I can’t add furniture to my room (shared) so everything MUST fit in the cabinets I’m allotted. :(  This is no easy task!  (It takes me soo long to put away.)  I like your idea of separating the colors.  Right now, I have them separated by type/weight, like tissue, construction, tagboard, cardboard, etc.  Thanks for the great site!

  3. Ms_Wlodarczyk says:

    The organization system I prefer, for my middle school students is that we use one text book box for each color and I have these stashed above my cabinets. I would like to take it a step further and add warm/cool/primary/secondary, etc labels to the scrap on the front that color codes them. Anyone can see the scrap boxes across the room and anything larger than a stamp sized piece is placed in the box. Scraps smaller than that are usually recycled…unless they are on decorative paper…but that’s a whole OTHER system! Haha. This system works best for construction paper and other plain scraps.

  4. Kathy Olson says:

    I use soda can boxes for each color of construction paper and label the end.  They can stack on top of each other and don’t take up much space on a cabinet shelf.  I can pull them all out really quickly and arrange them on the supply table and we’re ready to go.


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