Apr 9, 2012

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Does Your Right Brain Need Recharging?

As creative individuals and art professionals, we are already at an advantage when it comes to utilizing the right side of our brain.  I am sure many of us can switch modes, from left-brain to right-brain thinking, easily and maybe without even perceiving a switch at all.  This course will harness your strengths and tackle questions like: How do we teach our students to utilize their right side?  What activities can recharge the right side?  Why is it important for all of us to utilize both hemispheres of our brain?


This class is designed to help you explore your right side potential and ignite learning in your classroom.  Using strategies from Daniel Pink, author or A Whole New Mind and Judy Willis, a neuroscientist turned educator, this class will get you thinking creatively and stretching outside your norm.  Activities like writing a mini-saga in 50 words or less, scouring your home for design flaws, and diving into the world of play are some of the activities we will explore.  The hands-on design of this course allows you to experience firsthand all that our right brain has to offer so you can apply your learning directly into your classroom and curriculum.

I look forward to getting to know you as we learn and explore together.

Download the Summer (May-August) Course Catalog right here.

Sign up for Recharging the Right Brain today by following these 3 Simple Steps! 

I am so excited today to introduce you to the newest member of the AOE team!  Heather Crockett will be teaching a brand new course next month, Recharging the Right Brain.  As an art educator with a background in both art and science,  she will bring an interesting twist to your learning.  Plus, did you ever think you’d meet another art teacher who was as organized and appreciated a good spreadsheet as much as me? Ha. Now you have!  :) Get to know Heather and her course content in the guest post below and please give her a warm welcome in the comments section. Having personally taken classes from Heather myself, I know she will be an amazing addition to AOE’s growing team.  Be sure to sign up for “Recharging the Right Brain” in May! 


Hi!  My name is Heather Crockett and I am excited to teach my first class for the Art of Education.  My course, Recharging the Right Brain, will be offered this May/June for 3 credits.  I want to take this opportunity to share a little about myself.  I am a certified k-12 Art Instructor with an MA in Art Education, but my passion has always included the marriage of art and science.  With a double major in Art Education and Speech & Hearing Science, I focused on an unusual blend of art and science classes at University of Iowa, my favorite being Neuroscience!  I am in awe of the human brain and have spent the last 10 years implementing brain-based strategies into my classroom.  I believe that understanding how the brain functions and how our students learn is the basis for a strong foundation in education, not to mention a fun and vibrant learning experience!



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  • HeatherCrockett

    Jessica, thank you for such a glowing introduction.  I am very happy to
    be a part of the AOE community and work with art teachers worldwide!

  • Eukent

    I have never taken an on-line course,  could you describe how this is done,  shat kind of time frame we are talking about,  homework,  etc?  I already have a master’s +30,  but would LOVE to take a few more courses.  Just curious what I would be getting myself into.  This sounds like a great course.  Thanks

  • Eukent

    I am trying to find out when each class is offered,  but haven’t found a calander/schedule.  Could you help me out?  Thanks

    • Jessica Balsley

      Our entire course schedule for the summer can be downloaded right here:

      • Eukent

        Thanks!!  One more question,  then I will stop “bugging” you…  If there is a class I want to take but know I am going to be out of town for a week and not accessible to the internet,  is it set up in a way that I can still take it or do I need to just wait until the next go around?  My son will be graduating from the Naval Academy during July so I doubt if I get anything accomplished while out of town.  :)  Thanks so much and you are doing a GREAT job.  I love your site!!!! 

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