What Would You Ask Greg Percy?

Guess who is coming to my school(s) next week? GREG PERCY!!! I am so excited, I can’t even tell you. It’s been one of my “teacher bucket list” items to have Greg Percy come perform for my students and he is doing is spring tour this year in a few of the schools in our district. My colleagues and are pumped because he is “kind of a big deal.” I also may be known to belt out his songs (which get stuck in my head) to my husband and daughter, both who give me a strange look. What can I say…

If you don’t know who Greg Percy is, you should. He is an art teacher (still teaching, by the way) who is also a musician. Greg makes learning art fun, by putting art concepts into catchy songs for kids. His CD’s are called “Songs in the Key of Art” and there are 5 volumes available.  We listen to him all the time in the art room. His songs have helped my students learn the primary and secondary colors, understand symmetry and the order of the rainbow.  Music in the art room also can help your students to work quietly, feel connected to what they are doing, and use other parts of their brain to learn artistic concepts.


What’s even better? He’s agreed to do an interview with me for AOE Readers.

In the comments section below, please share a question you might have for Greg Percy.

I will choose from your questions to ask Greg, and be back with *hopefully* the answers to all your burning questions!




Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Vivian

    What inspired and prompted your song writing, music melodies and how did you start sharing your music?

  • Mcmag

    What level do you teach art? Do you play your music for them in the classroom?

  • Clara

    That is awesome!!  I have every single one of his cd’s  What was he like as a child in art?  

  • Stern

    Jessica…Did you know Greg Percy performed at the AEI Conference in Cedar Falls in 2009? I can’t remember if you were at that conference or not. My head was bobbing slightly above and below water at that time since I was in the last semester of finishing my MA in Art Education at UNI and on the conference planning committee.

    Question for Greg Percy….How does he feel about the integration of technology in the art room, and what is his favorite way to incorporate technology other than the obvious of his creating artful music?

    • Yes I did know that, but was not there that year. So cool. Thanks for your question.

  • Nichole Hahn

    How fun!  I think he’s a mid west guy too, right?  It should be a lot of fun for the kiddo’s.  I think I would ask him if his songs get stuck in his head.  I know  they do for me… and my students.  I have actions to a lot of his songs too:)  I can’t help but do them while the songs are rolling through my head:)  Have a great time!

    • Yes, he is from Wisconsin and I am in Iowa. Just a skip hop and a jump!

  • Erica Stinziani

    What would I ask Greg Percy??? Hmmm. . . how can we get you to come to our school? 

    • Ha! Plan ahead and ask!

    • Greg Percy

      I’d love to…..Where am I going?

      • Erica Stinziani

        Thanks GREG! Connecticut, New Britain to be specific. We are a can-do inner city school with a wealth of children but lack of budget! I will have to write a grant and plan way in advance! We should talk!!

        Erica aka www.artprojectgirl.blogspot.com

  • Veverlycampbell

    Can you please provide the lyrics for “Symmetry(I’m Beside Myself)” Thank you!

  • Jenna

    I love Greg’s music! The kids get so excited! Sometimes too excited.