Mar 26, 2012

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Download the Summer Course Brochure!

What are you doing this Summer? Be sure to download the Summer 2012 Course Brochure.  We’ve made a handy brochure for you to download, print, and share with your administration, spouse, or art team.  Go ahead and Download the brochure, look at your summer schedule, and make a plan to take some AOE Classes!

Sign Up Today!

Take note: We recently announced two brand new AOE Classes that are now available for sign up!  Recharging the Right Brain in May and Managing the Art Room in August.

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  • Sanaalimon

    Are any of these summer classes appropriate for high school teachers? Where do I find information that explains how much time needs to be put in for each class and how many times we need to meet?

    • Jessica Balsley

      You can find much of this information in our course offerings page:


      Course Offerings:

      The classes are designed for K-12 Art Teachers. The content allows each teacher to apply the knowledge to his or her classroom in any way he or she chooses. We’ve had High School, Middle School and Elementary art teachers all take the courses and find they apply. And lets be honest, an art education online course is so rare, that just talking with other artist and teachers will apply to you much much more than a general education course!
      There are no specific times we meet online. The class is run through a forum, where you reply to discussions when you have time. As long as you meet the weekly due dates, and get in your peer responses, you are good to go! 1 credit classes will take you approximately 15 hours and last 3 weeks. 2 credit courses will take you approximately 30 hours and will last 4 weeks, and so on…

      Please let me know if you have any more questions! We aim to please!

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