Mar 10, 2012

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Introducing the AOE Community

One of the most important assets you can have as an Art Teacher is a great way to interact, discuss, and engage with other Art Teachers around the country. Sometimes we experience different challenges than classroom teachers and we need ways to ask questions or bounce ideas off individuals who’ve been in similar situations. Sites like The Art of Ed play a role in connecting like-minded teachers, but it’d be even better to have a full-fledged community platform which allows you to post photos, ask questions in the forums, exchange lesson plans, and so on!

Introducing The Art of Education Community!


We’re really excited about this, and hope you all take a minute or two to create an account!

If you’ve taken a class from AOE, you’ve already seen this site and how well it works. Previously, access to this site was exclusive to paid class members… Today, we’re opening it up to everyone! Now you can visit the community, share ideas, ask/answer questions, post photos of your classroom even if you’re not currently taking a class form AOE. Individual Classes (in the left hand column) will still be exclusive to paid members.

How do you get to the community? Well, right now you can just click here ( In the future, use the button at the top of this site called ‘Community’. Just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the community. Be sure to bookmark and visit often! ;)

Once there, create an account in the AOE Community by simply click the ‘Sign-Up’ button in the top right hand corner of the screen. After you join, be sure to upload a profile photo to give yourself an online ‘personality’ and if you don’t know what to do first, how about sharing your thoughts on a few of these ongoing forum discussions:


Copy Cats

It doesn’t matter if you are teaching kindergarten or 12th grade there are always copy cats sneaking into the art room. You know the students who look at your lesson examples and copy every last detail. “Wait a minute, I think I have seen this before. It looks very familiar”


Why did you become an Art Teacher?

Think back to the motivations, situations and feelings you had when you decided on your profession. What made you decide to go into art education?  What affirms or ignites your passion for this profession? Have you lost it along the way?…


Horror Stories from the Art Room

Keeping it confidential, let’s hear your “Oh No” moments from the art room. Maybe it was a classroom management situation, spilled paint, or a project gone totally wrong. We’ve all been there, but who’s story will be tops?…



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  • Sarah

    Amazing! I can’t wait to interact with all of my fellow art teachers!!