Jan 21, 2012

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Announcing: 2011 Art Ed Blog of the Year!

Two weeks ago we announced the 1st Annual Art Ed Blog of the Year Contest! One week ago we Announced the Top 20 Finalists and opened up the voting process! Last night at 12:00 voting ceased, and this morning we have a winner! Below are the top 10 Art Ed Blogs of the Year, as voted on by you the amazing readers that keep these blogs writing every day! Great job voting, and a big congratulations to all of the winners and nominees! We are truly blessed to have so many great Art Ed resources out there to take advantage of.

(Click on the blog’s header image to visit the site)

This race was incredibly close, and those who didn’t quite make the top ten still had a ton of votes! Here are the other 10 ‘finalists’, be sure to check out these great blogs as well: Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet, Art Project Girl, Art is Basic, The Paper Pear, Art for Small Hands, There’s a Dragon in my Art Room, Splats, Scraps and Glue Blobs, Fugleblog, Paintedpaper, Splish Splash Splatter.

All of the winners and finalists will receive customized Art Ed Blog of the Year Badges which they are invited to display on their blog’s sidebar or other prominent position linking back to this post helping the entire Art Ed community discover more great new blogs every day! What an incredibly fun and rewarding process this has been! I don’t know about you, but I’m already excited to see who will win 2012 Art Ed Blog of the Year!

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  • http://msnovak.blogspot.com Novak

    What an honor! Thanks Jess! I have found so many new blogs, re-found old ones, and connected us all!

  • http://www.jacquelinecassidy.com Jacqueline Cassidy

    All these blogs are fantastic! Congrats to all the winners and finalists. Great contest Jessica :)

  • http://MiniMatisse.blogspot.com Nic Hahn

    What a fun thing to see. I’m really excited about this. Thanks so much for doing this Jessica.

  • http://www.deepspacesparkle.com Patty Palmer

    Thank you, Jessica (and all your readers!) for the honor. I discovered many new art blogs from this contest and am so excited that so many art teachers are blogging about their lessons and experiences. I remember when there were just a few of us out there! So great to be in the company of such creative individuals.

  • http://www.artwallace.webs.com Mary Wallace

    Well done to all. I open your blog with enthusiastic curiosity Jessica. I am a Visual Artist in Wexford Ireland and I teach art to young children. Recently I have agreed to give an adult art class and am wondering if anyone can recommend a blog for adult art ideas! Mary

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Great, question, Mary! I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Maybe someone should start a blog with this idea in mind. Anyone else know of any?

  • http://MiniMatisse.blogspot.com Nic Hahn
    • http://MiniMatisse.blogspot.com Nic Hahn

      Jessica, I know you may not have seen this but would you be so kind as to send me the # nine to my email above? Thanks a bunch… I’m proud to display it:)

  • http://artprojectsforkids.wordpress.com kathybarbro

    Thanks Jessica,
    I am so happy to be a part of your Top Ten list! I’ve found new sites thanks to you and love how you are supporting our community. There’s just no such thing as too many art ideas or too many art blogs. Thanks again!

  • http://theteachingpalette.com Theresa McGee

    So excited to be part of the top 10! Thanks everyone! I love discovering new blogs and the dedicated people behind them. I hope I get the chance to meet many of you in person at NAEA this year or someday in the future!

  • http://www.dolvinartknight.blogspot.com hope knight

    how cool is this?!? i’m so excited! thanks, Jessica, for putting it all together, and thanks blogging teachers for sparking inspiration day after day with all your pics, posts, and insight. blogging has certainly freshened up my 20 year teaching career and i can’t wait for the next 20… did i just say that? here’s to sharing!!!

  • http://www.mrsredsartroom.com.au Jane WhittRED

    Congratulations to all, I read the blogs of winners 2&3 all the time and its wonderful to find some more. These women put so much time into their blogs, so good on you all! xx

    • http://artwithmre.blogspot.com Mr. E

      Jane WhittRED….not all of us are women! :) ha ha Though…in this profession..ya gotta get use to being one of the girls.

      • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

        Mr. E- well said, and it makes me chuckle! You are the ladies man!

  • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com artprojectgirl

    Love all these blogs! Awesome contest:) I love that you are taking your own blog to new levels everyday!

  • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

    Thanks everyone, for your positive feedback and your general enthusiasm for all things art ed! It make my heart just soar and motivated to keep on bloggin! We are already gearing up and brainstorming for next year- Looks like this little tradition is off to a running start. Enjoy the glory everyone, can’t wait to see what the year of blogging brings!

  • http://paintedpaperintheartroom.blogspot.com/ Laura @ Painted Paper

    Thanks for the nomination! I find blogging a great place for all of us to share our lessons and day to day experiences! We have a great blogging community and I am proud to be part of it! :) Laura

  • http://Www.artatclinton.tumblr.com Stacy

    Is there anyway to organize these by what grades the are for? Thanks!

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Not at this time, sorry! Most are elementary!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1350511535 Stephanie-Bill Spencer

    These are great, but is there some magic in elementary art?  Why don’t high school teachers seem to blog?  Maybe I need to change this trend … hmmmmm.

    • http://www.theartofed.com/ Jessica Balsley

      I know! I want to build up a list and start honoring all levels of art educators, but the blogs submitted by readers were those voted on!

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  • Vince Carter

    Congrats to all the winners and nominees! Good job.

  • http://twitter.com/2doodleallday Lee Tyler Darter

    How do you get a blog submitted for voting?

  • The Adventurous Art Teacher

    I’m a High School Art Teacher and have been blogging for over 5 years. Always looking for other High School Art teachers blog sites.
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