Jan 12, 2012

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Introducing AOE eBooks! (free download)


As Art Teachers, ‘assessment’ is going to become a bigger and bigger part of our lives going forward. As districts try to keep teachers more accountable, as we search for ways to improve our tactics and methods as well as providing real validation for our lessons, assessments will become a more and more important tool for Art Teachers to have at their disposal!

The good news? The Art of Education is going to help empower you to tackle assessment head on, and give you the tools to do it right, without all the confusion and complexity you might think it takes!  As I was teaching the AOE Class “Assessment in Art Education” last Summer, several of the participants asked me if I could recommend any other books/resources to them so they could continue to study up on the topic. The truthful answer was that no, there really aren’t that many books out there on the topic, especially not ones designed just for Art Teachers. I never forgot that conversation. 

So while you may have thought that on my maternity leave I was just changing diapers and dodging spit-up… you’d be wrong!  I’ve been secretly working on something I am very proud to show you today – TWO original and unique Art Assessment eBooks designed to give Art Teachers the assessment tools they need, with the simplicity and relevance you expect from The Art of Education.
First, a completely FREE E-Book:

“The Pocket Guide to Simple Art Assessments.” This FREE instant Download contains 10 unique assessment ideas, with samples and descriptions hand-picked by me, just for you. These quick assessment ideas can be put to use in your classroom tomorrow!

You can actually download it right now by clicking here. Just enter your info, and click submit… we’ll send you the PDF link via email! It’s that easy. If you like what you see and you get some use out of this free tool, please pick up the next, more comprehensive, eBook  called “The Complete Guide to Simple Art Assessments.”

The Complete Guide to Simple Art Assessments:

To get the complete picture, with more background information, more implementation ideas, more AOE printables assembled ready to go so you can put them to use on day one, you’ll want to check out “The Complete Guide to Simple Art Assessments!”  It’s the best resource I know of for Art Teachers who want to experiment with assessment in their own classroom, and want to get started doing it sooner rather than later!

“The Complete Guide to Simple Art Assessments” is ultimate resource for busy Art Teachers who don’t feel they can afford time to add one more thing to their plate. This eBook helps  you get motivated and excited about assessment by dispelling the myths, breaking down barriers, and giving you strategies and printable guides you can use right now, today, in your classroom.  It empowers you to ask the right questions of your students, and make the small changes that make all the difference in student Art Room performance.

Are you looking to validate your Art Program and impress parents, the administration, and the community but need that extra push to elevate the way you are assessing and showcasing the great learning going on in your room? This book is for you!

If you’ve ever wondered how assessment can be more fun and simple for you, but haven’t found a relevant guide out there to sort through the jumble of assessment information available, this simple guide will do just that and more….

We have jam packed this resource with…

If you’ve never seen anything like this out there, that’s because it doesn’t exist. Art Teachers all around the country need help with Art Assessment, and the solution is here – an instant-gratification resource for Art Teachers, no waiting for days of shipping or spending 30 dollars on a wordy novel only to get frustrated and never implement anything in your own Art Room! The book is geared toward Elementary and Middle School assessment, but all of the concepts and ideas are easily modified to fit in a High School setting. The Complete Guide to Simple Art Assessments is only $9. Download now and start simple assessments with your kiddos right away!


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  • http://Www.allthingsartanded.blogspot.com Jamie Steffl

    I am excited to get this and use it in my classroom. I am part of a 15 school art PLN and I will share this with others. Thanks for the work on this, @colormehappyJLS

  • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

    Awesome, Jamie! Thanks for passing it along and let me know what everyone thinks. We are excited about it!

  • http://mrscrosbysartroom.wordpress.com Clara Crosby

    Bought the book already!!! THANK YOU!! Assessment is my weak spot and now I have a tool that is REAL!! -Clara

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      You are welcome, Clara! Let me know what you think of it and I truly hope it helps you.

  • http://kidscreateart.com Beth Elliston

    My question is…will this help me with Marzano? My county has implemented Marzano’s “everything” into our classrooms and I am having a hard time with the scale and students self assessment. I am looking for any help I can get. Are you familiar with Marzano?

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      The book has an entire section on Self- Assessment and samples of student self assessment you can print and use. I am familiar with Marzano and I would say some of the concepts align. I want to look more into his work, it does seem interesting and practical. Hope this helps!

  • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com artprojectgirl

    I downloaded the teaser and love the star star wish! I got the book too:) I’m excited to see if there are any easy printables I can use! I have been horrible at assessment as our report cards have been changing 5 times in the past 6 years. This year they wanted us to grade on literacy standards the week before grades were due! We won that battle but we still won’t be grading on any art standards this semester. They said we could do a report ourselves and send it to parents. . . I’m lucky that I do what I do because I know what’s right. I will continue to work on ART assessment because I think there are many times when it helps students reflect on their work and actually does make them better themselves. Assessment can be a powerful tool to motivate us (kids and teachers) if used appropriately.

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      You got it right! If used appropriately which is hopefully what the book will help people do. Assessment is so varied and different techniques will work for different teachers and students, so I really like to give teachers a lot of options. Lots of battles to fight when you are an art teacher, isn’t there?

  • http://mrscrosbysartroom.wordpress.com Clara Crosby

    I have already started using the sticky notes formative assessments! Jessica, thank you for this ebook. It makes me realize I MUST sign up for the Assessment course NOW!!! I have been teaching art for 10 years, but this is my weak link and now I am feeling stronger!!!

  • http://northernartteacher.wordpress.com colleenkr

    Thank you for the free download! This is a wonderful resource, and I can’t wait to apply some much-needed changes in my class… always a work in progress!

  • http://rainbowskiesanddragonflies.blogspot.com/ Mrs. C

    Bought the book a while ago and just got a chance to read it ….LOVE IT!!!  I have to come up with some more ways of showing assessment next year due to changes in our evaluation system.  I already use rubrics but your book has so many great ideas to use and develop into what will work for my situation! Thank you so much for a great “tool” for all your fellow art teachers! 

    • http://www.theartofed.com/ Jessica Balsley

      Thank you for the meaningful feedback on the EBook. It makes my heart soar that art teachers are finding the resources helpful. My main goal was practical and not preachy. I am anxious to hear what you are doing with the assessments, feel free to share in the fall

  • http://rainbowskiesanddragonflies.blogspot.com/ Mrs. C

    Hope you don’t mind… just linked your art assessment page and e-book in my post on art assessment. :)

  • michelle urbanek

    Hi! I just tried to download the Complete Guide, and the link is no longer available. What should I do? I would really like to purchase it.

  • claire strock

    I would love to purchase this book but the link doesn’t seem to be working. How can I purchase?