Jan 8, 2012

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1st Annual “Art Ed Blog of the Year” Contest


Here are the results!


What’s your favorite Art Ed Blog? It’s time to open up nominations for our 1st Annual “Art Ed Blog of the Year” contest — the blogosphere’s only contest for exclusively honoring Art Education blogs. With so many great blogs out there, many who don’t get recognized, we thought it was about time!

We’re looking for your nomination for the Top Art Ed Blogs of the Year.  The winners will be promoted with a permanent space on the AOE Blog, be featured in the Blogging for Art Educators online class, get kudos in our Weekly Quick Tips Newsletter and will receive a special Award Badge to place on their website.


Please nominate of your favorite art education blog(s). Do so by posting your favorite blog in the ‘comments’ section below. You may also send your nomination in an email to theartofed@gmail.com with ‘My Favorite Blog’ in the subject line.

  • Be sure to include a link to the blog you’re nominating.
  • Be sure to include WHY you like the blog, what sets it apart.
  • You are welcome to nominate your own blog.
  • You are welcome to nominate more than one blog.
  • This blog, The Art of Education, is not eligible for nominations. Sorry!
  • Make your nomination by Sunday January, 15th.

Committee Consolidation 

After all nominations are made, the AOE committee will vote on and produce the finalists who will then qualify to be included in the vote for ‘Art Blog of the Year.’ Finalists will be selected based on the quality of their content, the frequency of their posts, reader involvement, etc.


On January 16th, the finalists will be posted here in a ballot format so that readers can vote on their favorite blog. Voting takes place between January 16th and 20th. Be sure to come back and vote!  Nominated blogs are welcome to share the ballot link with their own readership so there are as many voters represented as possible!


The top ten blogs will be selected by, of course, YOUR or votes! You will be notified if your blog is a winner. On January 21st, we’ll announce the winners and the top ten blogs will all receive a unique Award Badge which they can proudly post in the side column or other prominent location on their blog!

I think this will be a great way to honor some of the amazing Art Ed Blogs out there and help them gain the exposure they deserve!

We need your nominations to get started! Let the world know which blog you think is best!  Go ahead and enter your nomination right now in the comments section below and be sure to let your friends know about this contest through social media, email, and more!

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  • Susan L.

    What a GREAT idea!

    My favorite Art Ed blog is Art Project Girl (http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com), her writing style is so personal, and I’ve used some of her tips… I will admit though, I would’ve definitely like to nominate AOE as well! Thanks Jessica!

    • Kate

      I am a second year art teacher who has an undergrad degree in something other than art or education.I am an artist and have always created…but my knowledge was hard to interpret into kid lingo. I wanted to learn how to explain the processes to the kids and this blog has incredible, clear lessons. I wrote her once in the beginning of my teaching practice (I live outside the US and had to get a teaching certificate to teach). Her advice has stuck with me in every lesson: “As you grow as an art teacher, I encourage you to stay focused on the arts and not fall into crafty projects. A criteria I use for a successful art project is how different the children’s interpretations are.”
      Julie is amazing! http://www.artforsmallhands.com/

    • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com artprojectgirl

      Wow! I just read this post. . . I’m getting really behind on blog reading and writing (this has been one of THOSE weeks.) Baby is sleeping (hopefully for the night), trying to chill out and I read this! Thanks you made my day Susan!

    • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com artprojectgirl

      Wow! I just read this post. . . I’m getting really behind on blog reading and writing (this has been one of THOSE weeks.) Baby is sleeping (hopefully for the night), trying to chill out and I read this! Thanks you made my day Susan!

  • http://teachingpalette.com Theresa McGee

    My nomination is “Art Teachers Hate Glitter” (http://artteachershateglitter.blogspot.com/) because it is, um, hysterical!
    I love how she just calls it as she sees it and doesn’t hold back!

  • http://mrseukensartmooseum.wordpress.com/ Teresa

    This site is geared towards the parents and students, rather than other art teachers. It has used Photo Peach to show students art work. It also give gift suggestions for students during the holidays, and keeps them up to date on what’s happening in the classroom This is a first year art teacher that has created this site.

  • http://baart.weebly.com/-blognews.html Suzanne Tiedemann

    My nomination is the Fugleblog http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog.html by Tricia Fuglestad because it always features innovative art and technology lessons that inspire teachers from all over the world!

  • Kim Hyman

    My favorite is http://artprojectsforkids.org
    I’ve been bailed out by projects I found here on numerous occasions; specifically when I walked into my building in November to discover that my room had been taken over and I would be on a cart of 3 weeks! Displayed projects receive rave results!

  • http://www.artteacheradventures.blogspot.com Katie Morris

    I posted the information on my blog to help spread the word but I think I confused people. Here are two nominations that somebody posted in my comments section:
    Bryssy said…

    Deep Space Sparkle!!! http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/

    One of my favorite art lessons for kids blogs! Anything from the masters to fun crafts. She sorts her lessons by technique, subject and grade. I love love love this blog.
    January 9, 2012 7:45 AM
    Bryssy said…

    Art Projects for Kids


    Kathy Barbro has really nice step-by-step instructions for drawing. I also love her inexpensive murals. Awesome blog.

    I went back and clarified that the comments need to be posted here, not on my blog to un-confuse the rest of the people who read it!

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Thanks for submitting these from your website, Katie!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Sure- You can nominate more than one! Thanks!

  • Ronda

    I enjoy the enthusiasm of http://artasticartists.blogspot.com/! I personally know this blogger, and can’t believe the amazing things she is pumping out in the first few years of her career all while being in multiple buildings! (Don’t get me wrong, beginning teachers pump out amazing things all the time, but I wish I would have had the energy of this gal in the beginning of my career…let’s just say, a “few” years ago.) She had students eating out of her hand the first day they walked in the door! I feel invigorated just reading her blog and seeing the images.

  • http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com Billie

    I would like to nominate the blog called Smart Class..www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com. This blog is fabulous, with so many creative ideas for children’s art. Plus, Natalie has the passion to go with the knowledge for teaching children not just art, but life skills to go with it. She loves her job teaching art and it is reflected in the writing and creativity of her blog. Her student LOVE her!!!!

  • Rich

    I nominate http://www.splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.com blog. It has been one of the most up to date and informative sites I have come across. It is well-managed, updated, and organized for ease of use by any art teachers looking for new and exciting ideas! I recommend you check it out today!
    -Rich K

  • http://www.splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.com Mallory

    http://www.splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.com is what I always use when I need an idea. Not only are their great art projects for all ages, it follows her successful and not so successful ideas for projects with the kids. As a second year art teacher, it is nice to read that I am not the only one who sometimes ends up with a huge mess, or needs to scrap a project because it’s not working. I check it weekly, because it is updated so often. Definitely a website to add to your bookmarks!

  • http://www.artistsites.org/barryfederman Barry Federman

    I would like to nominate http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com. Natalie definitely has a great passion for art for children and offers a total landscape of multiple ideas that can easily be converted to plans. Her unique ideas from everyday objects and events is especially refreshing.

  • Ashlea

    My favorite blog is Smart Class! http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com

    Natalie is ridiculously talented both in her own work and teaching children art! I find inspiration in all of the projects she does, and am constantly amazed at the products she gets from her students.

  • Ed Wong

    I would like to nominate Natalie F. Waggenspack for ART ED BLOG OF the YEAR !

    Just check out her site. http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/

    It is amazing !!!

  • Consuelo Ayala

    I would like to nominate Natalie F. Waggenspack for ART BLOG OF THE YEAR!

  • Samantha C

    my all time favorite blog is http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/ so of course i nominate Natalie! Its just amazing how much she inspires children and adults. She has this amazing talent and most importantly her passion for art is indescribable.

  • http://www.emptybottlesandtheirjewelry.com Stephanie W.

    Natalie Waggenspack from http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com
    is an amazing art teacher. I teach at the middle school her elementary school students feed in to. Not only does she have amazing ideas, but her bubbly personality and her motherly instict places all focus on her students and how amazing their artworks turn out. To see the students completed work in person is even more outstanding. Her ability to capture the students as they do the work is also beyond me! How anyone can manage that many students and STILL get amazing photographs to tell the story of how it is created is crazy! One of the most popular webblogs and teachers found on pinterest as well!

  • http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/ Kathy L.

    I would like to nominate Natalie Waggenspack for Art Blog of the Year. http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/ She does an amazing job of passing her passion for art to her students. It is incredible to watch her guide students to their own discovery of art. She helps students who do not excel in other areas discover that they can be successful in art and carry over to other academic areas.

  • http://msnovak.blogspot.com/ Alison No.

    I would like to nominate http://msnovak.blogspot.com/ for Art Blog of the Year. Ms. Novak has inventive projects that she describes in detail, from light graffiti to bobble heads. But the thing that brings me back again and again is her voice. There is no shortage of blogs out there but this one has a special way of explaining, revealing, and teasing out new ideas. I love the way she describes how she teaches — every thing she does is purposeful, and geared to getting ALL of the kids to a new level of appreciation for themselves and their own skills. I love that she says to kids: is it okay to be frustrated? yes! is it okay to give up? no! And she says this every day to 800 kids!

  • http://www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/ Becky M

    I love elementaryartfun.blogspot.com. It is a great blog that celebrates her students and the amazing work they are doing.

  • http://tishalou.blogspot.com/ Tisha Burke

    I would like to nominate Phyl from There’s a Dragon in My Artroom http://plbrown.blogspot.com/
    She is always the first to comment or help out and always shares great info as well as a glimpse into her personal life and art!

  • Lisa

    Our art Teacher, Natalie Waggenspack, is phenomenal!

  • Susan

    Many that I would nominate are already listed – but here is one of my favorites!
    Painted Paper
    ~ Susan

  • http://mrseukensartmooseum.wordpress.com/ Teresa

    http://artwithmre.blogspot.com/ I LOVE the site, Art With Mr. E. It is awesome!!

  • http://www.dolvinartknight.blogspot.com hope knight

    Two blogs I always enjoy for their unique projects are New City Arts and Art at Chesterbrook Academy. Both of these teachers are very creative and always have a fresh project to inspire me. http://newcityarts.blogspot.com/

  • michelle

    “The Cool Kid’s Guide To The Internet”

    This site is ran by art teachers. The site features daily posts about art, design, current events, and just fun stuff.

  • http://www.inartclass.blogspot.com Angie

    Believe it was already mentioned, but my favorite is There’s a dragon in my art room: http://plbrown.blogspot.com/ She has such great ideas, and her experience shows.

  • Amy Hubbard


    My favorite is the above site by Natalie Waggenspack. She is amazingly creative and her passion for art is easy to see. Her projects are awesome and attainable for those of us less creative and talented!

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy reading http://artteacheradventures.blogspot.com/ – tons of images, a wide variety of lessons, and great inspiration for more lessons! Thanks for the sweet blog!

  • http://www.newcityarts.blogspot.com Shannah Burton

    Love this idea! Thanks for promoting so many wonderful websites already. I had lots of fun looking at all of the nominees and adding some new ones to my blog reader!

    I have three faves that haven’t been mentioned yet that I would like to nominate:
    Craig’s post are equally inspiring and informative.

    From project ideas to room set up, I always find inspiration there!

    Great use of contemporary art.

  • http://www.splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.com Rebecca Keller

    I nominate splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.com because It’s just fabulous! I am the teacher who created it and I use it as a vehicle to share ideas with other teachers in the art field. I also use it as a motivation for my students. If their artwork “makes it” on the blog, they receive a note that says “Your artwork was so FABULOUS that it has been published on-line” and then they can go to the blog with their parents and discover art in the digital realm. I have had parents contact me through the blog who are just ‘beside themselves’ with the artwork that their children are creating here at school. The kids feel very special and “famous” for being published on-line.

  • http://twitter.com/greeneyegal Theresa Gillespie (@greeneyegal)

    There are so many great art ed blogs out there – hard to pick just one. One of my favorites is http://artwithmre.blogspot.com/. His blog is always informative and fun!

    –Theresa http://splatsscrapsandglueblobs.blogspot.com/

  • http://dewittart.shutterfly.com/ Mandy DeWitt

    This is a fantastic idea. I am new to blogging, but thanks for all of the great sites that I have now added to my inbox. I do have one favorite that I have been following for a few weeks and that is Art with Mr. E. http://artwithmre.blogspot.com/

    He has some great projects that are easy and I usually have all of the materials on hand. I have also just created a site, and I don’t want to nominate myself, but I would love people to at least see what I am doing. http://makeitartwork.blogspot.com/

    I teach grades 3 -12 and I am always looking for a wide range of lessons.


    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      I’ll add you to the running, Mandy! :) Consider it my nomination.

  • http://mymessyartroom.blogspot.com/ Mr. R

    It is hard to pick one/two… but the ones that i look at all the time are Art with Mr. E http://artwithmre.blogspot.com/
    I think Mr. E has got a lot going on plus beside me he is the only other guy i have found i think doing this bloging thing…

    Also Phyl from There is a dragon in my art room
    http://plbrown.blogspot.com/ I feel like not only do we get to see what is going on in her art room but we also get to see what is going on in her life… and she has been a great friend.. Thanks for listening and all the wonderful comments Phyl…

    over and out
    Mr. R

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Funny that you are Mr. R and he is Mr. E! :)

  • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

    WOW! I am so impressed with all the great blogs that have been submitted- Remember you can nominate more than one if you favorites haven’t been mentioned yet. I am finding new blogs myself- this is so fun- Keep nominating- we are taking them until the 15th! Can’t wait!

  • http://None Laura Kay

    I really love The Art Classroom http://www.theartclassroom.wordpress.com

    He’s from the UK, but the videos and work he shows are truly inspirational. I’m amazed he can do half the things he shows in a classroom environment.

  • Melissa Nelson


    Awesome blag by an amazing person, Natalie! Her enthusiasm makes me excited about creating projects with my son.

  • Zena Wong

    Just love Natalie Waggenspack’s blog. So fun , so imaginative!
    http://Www.elementaryartfun.blogspot.com. Her students are so blessed to have her for their teacher.

  • http://afaithfulattempt.blogspot.com/ Julie

    I’d like to see some middle and high school art blogs nominated so here goes: I nominate the Italian art bog: http://arteascuola-miriampaternoster.blogspot.com/

    (If you open it in Google Chrome, it will give you the option of translating it)

    She has such original ideas and covers alot of art history. I know everytime I visit that I’m going to be impressed and inspired.

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Julie- So neat, a blog from Italy- Thank you for sharing and I am glad you have added some secondary choices.

  • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com artprojectgirl

    If you read the blogs it’s no secret that most of us consider Phyl over at plbrown.blogspot.com to be the glue (or in her case paper mache;) of the blogging community. I think it’s very odd that I consider Phyl a good friend because I’ve never actually met her. But, I guess being a little odd is what makes us artists.

  • http://www.lcose.co.uk/services.php Speaking English Uk

    the above blogs are really very good so i like them all

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrieoverseas Carrie Ward

    If it’s not too late, I’d like to enter one more fantastic art blog! http://kmcfadzen.wordpress.com/

    My friend Kelly shows us what her students create in class through videos that the students often help make. She inspires many students and I love looking at what the classes create next. One of my favorite posts of hers shows one of her students painting-by using her wheelchair as a brush. It’s lovely. Please check out her site!

  • Laura Stiffler

    My favorite art blog is: http://www.splishsplashsplatterart.blogspot.com

    Rebecca is an amazing art teacher with unique and creative ideas! Check it out!

  • hope200@yahoo.com

    My nomination is Deep Space Sparkle!!! http://www.deepspacesparkle.com/

  • Alecia Tate

    I would like to nominate “Adventures of an Art Teacher” by Katie Morris!

  • Rose Boundy

    My favorite is Adventures of an Art Teacher by Katie Morris. Great Job!