Oct 23, 2011

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It’s a GIRL!



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  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Jessica! She is beautiful! God bless you as you raise her to be a lovely lady.

    I so enjoy following your blog! You have great ideas and I appreciate your willingness to share them with us. I am an art specialist (5th-8th this year) in California. And although I’ve taught for 30 years, I’m still learning and love your posts.
    Kathy Olson

  • http://twitter.com/teachkidsart Cheryl Trowbridge (@teachkidsart)

    Congratulations, Jessica!! Enjoy this beautiful season of “new mommy hood”!! :)

  • Jessica Fong

    Congrats! She is beautiful!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1453082208 Clara Crosby

    Gorgeous! Congratulations, Momma!

  • http://www.bigbendart.pbworks.com Amy

    Congrats! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

  • http://www.dputnamart.com deb

    Congratulations, she’s beautiful! Welcome to world Nora.
    I am an art teacher in Boston and have been enjoying your blog. Thanks for all your inspiring writing. Now go enjoy that gorgeous child.

  • Kellie Determan

    Wow, what a beautiful baby Nora is! Congratulations Jessica & Derek on the start of your family.

    I’m an art teacher in Michigan and really appreciate all you put into this blog. The information is so valuable and timely. Thank you Jessica for all you have done for the art educators out here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tisha.burke Tisha Bailey Burke

    Congratulations to your new little work of art! Enjoy this time!

  • Tracy

    Congratulations, Hope you are well. She is beautiful.
    Oct 20th is my b-day too. Happy to share with baby Nora.
    Enjoy it all!!!

  • http://vividlayers.blogspot.com/ Marcia Beckett

    Congratulations!! Cute name! Enjoy it all…

  • http://Artprojectgirl.blogspot.com Erica

    She is beautiful!!!! Great name. Hope you are getting and accepting lots of help. Congrats on your baby girl, mommyhood, making it 9 months working, getting through labor, and welcome to the club.

  • Lauralee

    YOU DID IT. Creativity at it’s very best. A true original and perfect masterpiece!
    Many blessings to your new family. Enjoy each precious moment.
    Take lots of photos and thanks for always inspiring us.

  • http://www.inartclass.blogspot.com Angie


  • Anonymous

    She is truly an angel. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I am an art teacher in Seattle and appreciate your work and insightful blog. Take time to enjoy the wonders of your new baby.

  • Tobie

    Congrats! Welcome to the wonderful world of being a mommy! Enjoy!

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations! Little peanut!

  • http://linchpineducation.wordpress.com linchpineducation

    Congratulations! She is beautiful!

    There is nothing more wonderful than being the mother to a beautiful little baby girl.

    Enjoy xx

  • Kim

    Gorgeous little girl! Congrats! Enjoy this time together; it will pass all to quickly.

  • Clare

    Congrats Jessica!!! Welcome to Mommy-hood!

  • Susan

    Congratulations Jessica! She is such a beautiful baby. You and your husband are truly blessed. Take care of yourself and enjoy your new bundle of joy.

  • Anna

    Congrats Jessica!!! Enjoy your time with her!

  • Deb H.

    What a blessing! and what an amazing process! Congratulations to you and your husband! She is precious! And I love her name!
    I am an avid reader, and thought of you over the weekend, wondering if your due date would beckon your little one!
    I’m always so appreciative of the insights and information you offer!
    Take care and soak in this special time, it goes by in a flash!


  • http://Putman Priscilla

    Congratulations Jessica!
    What a beautiful baby girl!

  • http://lifenotwastedorlost.blogspot.com Janie B

    She is gorgeous! Love that picture with the rose. So cute. Congrats!

  • http://www.tjartroom.edublogs.org Christy

    So precious! Congratulations!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful girl, you are so blessed. Enjoy and get some sleep! Michael

  • suitemusik

    I was wondering how you would announce it to the AOE audience–I love it! In other news, this is my gravatar’s first appearance.

  • http://educationcloset.com Susan Riley

    Congratulations Mama! Having a girl for the first baby is the BEST! Enjoy all of this time with her. :)

  • Heidi

    Hooray! She’s here. Jessica, you’re going to be the best mom ever! I’m so happy for you.

    2nd year art teacher in Missouri and big fan of this blog

  • http://www.newcityarts.blogspot.com Shannah Burton

    Best and warmest wishes to little Nora:)

  • Chris Noel

    Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!!
    Chris Noel

  • Ingrid

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!! She’s beautiful. <3

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Thank you everyone, for your well wishes and support- Reading and Re-reading your comments brings me so much joy to know you are all out there thinking of us during this time. We are getting sleep and everything is going just great. Nora is a sweet blessing and we are snuggling her up and enjoying every minute.
      I will keep blogging through my leave and have lots of content planned to resume up next week, Talk with you all then! :)

  • Chris Lincoln

    Your Nora is a beauty! Take lots of photos and videos, it goes by soooo fast!

  • http://www.theinspiredclassroom.com @Eliza_Peterson

    What a sweetie! Congratulations!

  • http://gravatar.com/breathingartsy breathingartsy.com

    Congratulations, Jessica and family! She is beautiful. Girls are so much fun, as they bond with mommy. Boys are just as fun, though. Good luck and may God Bless your new little family. What a beautiful name.
    Jan VG