Ooops! Note: Behavior Letter Download

As many of you know, I use a letter to send home with students when they have gotten to the end of my management plan, and I find it’s time to communicate with parents. If you click on the image below you can download the entire sheet (4 on a page) to use for yourself.


My copy has my contact info, but I made a general version for all of you. You could just sign your name at the bottom above where the parent signs. I hope this will provide you with the tools you need to let parents know what is happening in the art room. Sometimes taking the communication one step further can make for big changes in student behaviors. I also recommend printing this on colored paper, so it stands out in the student’s folder/backpack. Good Luck!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Angie

    Thank you. A new parent letter was on my to do list. I like that this one is smaller. Good idea.

  • Lauralee

    Perfect. Thanks as always for making our jobs a bit easier!!

  • Great template. It is always appropriate to keep parents in the loop of their child’s behavior and in a tactful and thoughtful way. Have you found the sign and return method to be helpful? Do parents ever respond via email or phone call? Do you have a 3 strikes you’re out or some other response to habitual hard days? Great post and very helpful for the teachers out there. Thanks!

    • Katherine,
      You know, once students have a warning and a break, they usually shape up and for the most part I have really good kids, so I have not really used the notes enough personally to have good data to talk about, however, this is something new I decided to try at the end of last year. I will keep you posted. I do have a warning, take a break, then note.

  • Melissa

    How much do you include or inform the classroom teacher of the issues you are having with their student? I don’t ever want it to look like I am complaining to them, but at the same time…feel like they should know? I love this letter idea answer I guess my question is .does the home room teacher play a part?

    • Melissa

      Major typo at the end..sorry about that… I have a new touch screen phone.

    • Melissa,
      Well- I do tell the classroom teacher what happened, and how they choose to deal with it is their choice. I like to take care of things within the art room and if the classroom teacher wants to support it, great! The home room teacher does not play a part in my management plan unless they want to. For example, some will tell me before art class, they want to know if we keep our letters or who gets warnings, etc because that will impact their communication home. Others would rather I would just handle it. This way, I have both bases covered. I am happy to operate either way. Support is always great! Good question!

  • Krupert27

    Awesome!  thank you for sharing

  • Janet





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    their behavior in art class! I’m happy to tell

    that they had a great day in art.

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    am so proud of your child for trying hard!

    give your child a high five, and as always thank you for your

    Thanks for your Ooops note!! I found your site through Pinterest, and LOVE IT!!! 

    I decided to try a high five note to follow up on students who needed the ooops note.  It might be nice for parents to hear if their child is making improvements.  

  • Dmclaughlin

    This is a cute tactic. I would like to see more examples relevent to high school teenagers and their parents.

  • Anne Tavares-Buker

    I use a very similar form, except the 3 bullets are safety, respect, responsibility. Our school follows the PBIS behavior plan. All specialists have a version of this. It really does help, especially around report card time. I save them when they come back. If they do not within a week, I call/email home.