Introducing…Stepping Stones

Have you gotten your issue of Arts and Activities Magazine for September? I would like to introduce to you a new monthly column I am writing for A and A Magazine this year entitled “Stepping Stones.”

Stepping Stones is based upon the idea of “lists” that help to break down daunting tasking in art education into manageable steps that anyone can follow to see results in their classroom right away!  I was pretty excited to see mine arrive in my mailbox.  I guess now I am published! – Pretty crazy, right?

Read the entire September article below by clicking on the image  – a PDF will download.  Or you can head on over to Arts and Activities webpage where you can view a digital copy of the September issue. Look for Stepping Stones each month for new original content relating to art education!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Woo! Awesome!!
    Getting geared up myself for a wild and fun year. Your article looks great! Hopefully I will be updating my ***blog*** soon soon soon! The final few weeks of summer have been jam-packed.
    I can’t thank you enough for your class!

    • Great to hear from you, Ingrid! :) Good luck with the year and be sure to stay in touch and keep on blogging!

  • Kim Hyman

    Congrats on your article in Arts an Activities. I read it when I received my magazine this morning but didn’t pay attention to the by line until I open your blog. You’re going to have a very busy year!

  • Tracy

    Wow Jessica. Your blog should explode with readership. Awesome article. I look forward to your blog and your tips. Thank you for sharing so many terrific ideas.
    I got this from someone for creating seating charts. I put the names on very small (cut to fit) sticky notes and can then easily reshuffle my seating chart as needed throughout the year. This year I was able to take students from last year and move them to the new seating chart and class. No rewriting. Saved me a ton of time and my eleven year old daughter was able to help, because I had her set the charts up by first initial tables, as you suggested. Then I tweaked it for behaviors and priority seating needs and wala!

    • Thanks for sharing, Tracy and thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it. Great ideas here and I love how you can use from year to year.Hope all is well with you!

  • Brenda

    Congrats! I had already read this article and actuallly thought, “hmm sounds like that art ed blog I’ve been reading.” :)

    • Too funny, Brenda! More original content to come through each month of writing for A and A.

  • Art-Tastic

    I just got that issue, I’ll have to check out your article, I’m sure it’s wonderful. I already have plans to try out that awesome mask project with the realistic face under it. I get some of my best inspiration from those kinds of magazines.

  • Wonderful! You are an amazing and very academic writer. So happy to hear you are published:)

  • I would love to know what to say in the letter home about the artist of the month and how you phrase it. Thanks!

  • Katie Maddox

    The article is how I found your blog! And I love all of your advice, management tips, etc. I’m a first year traveling art teacher (three schools)…so your advice has been a huge help and encouragement! Thank you!

  • Can’t believe I didn’t comment on this before! Must have been pulled away with the baby, dog or something! This is wonderful news. Congratulations it is fun to see dreams coming true through hard work! I love to see you imagine something then make it happen:)