Aug 1, 2011

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It’s Clutter Free Teaching Week!

I have a simple 3 step process for decluttering every aspect of your teaching. We aren’t just talking about cleaning out drawers and organizing them. Clutter can manifest in many forms, and if teachers don’t find a way to kick all of the different types of clutter associated with their teaching, they will quickly become burnt out and negative.

The simple 3 step process goes something like this:

Clutter Free Teaching = Declutter Your Space. Your Mind. Your Teaching.

Master these three aspects and your job will never seem easier no matter how chaotic your schedule. In the day and age of more, more, more being thrown upon teachers, it’s up to each of us as an individual to find was to simplify our own process so we won’t feel overwhelmed and can to doing what we love- Teach art!

This week I will take you through some simple strategies and tips to get ready for the new year.  Is that overwhelmed feeling creeping in as you think about all that must be done before students walk in the door? Fear not! Lets kick the clutter this week on AOE, one step at a time.  Stay Tuned!

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  • cathy1art

    I will be anxiously awaiting your tips! As August has begun I am now mentally preparing for my art classroom. Well, ok, actually a little more than mentally preparing! I am going through lessons, mapping out my curriculum for the upcoming year, deciding what supplies need ordered, planning my part in “Meet the Teacher” night, etc., etc. But I am well rested from the summer and ready for school to begin.

  • Laurie Marie Zimmerman

    I need this yesterday!