The Most Organized Classroom I’ve Seen!

I did a little room crashing! That’s right. I popped into one of my colleagues classrooms and took some photos. I couldn’t help myself. Do you ever just go in a classroom teacher’s room and peek? I do. Why?  Because you can really learn a lot from peering into someone else’s world.  Too often we stay in our own rooms, and never explore.  Teachers in the school have a lot to learn from one another, but too often, we just put our heads down and focus on our differences.  Come on- That’s no fun!  So let’s be a peeping tom and explore….

I have to say, this room inspired me because of the organization.  I want to be a student in this room. It also gave me ideas to organize my own art room for the fall, which I will share with you as we peek into a SUPER organized 1st grade classroom.


This first photo is a bulletin board. It’s just one corner of the board I love the way the colors are in ROY G BIV order and also how the labels with words also match pictures.  This is a research/ inquiry type board, however, I could see an art teacher using it to go over the process of critiquing a piece of artwork or even the steps to make a print.  The students do look at the visuals you provide, and by doing a quality job, you can really engage students on a whole new level and also foster independence when learning new skills.


Next, we have a group gathering place on the carpet.  I also have a carpet (but come to think of it, could really use a comfy chair- but I don’t stay sitting for long :)  A few things I notice about this area is the easel next to the chair. I ordered a smaller easel for myself this year. I had the extra money to do so, because of my crafty money saving tips, I didn’t need to blow my budget on crayons and markers.  I hope to use my easel for examples, processes (as seen in the chart above) and to hold books I”ll be reading that week.  I really need to find a comfy chair.


I apologize for the blur of this next photo. I was getting excited!  The rope with clothes pins is something I want to implement this fall in my art room. I could use it to hang one classes projects when they are done.  I also plan to use it to post charts and learning objectives as seen here.  If our students don’t know our goals for the month or class, how will they be on target to meet the objectives we have set? By clearly posting the outcome of a unit or lesson, or for older children, breaking down processes or steps in the lesson, we are setting them up for success and providing a constant reminder of our high standards and again, focusing more on independent learners that can use resources to answer their own questions, not simply asking us over and over. It’s empowering.


The last shelf houses math games.  The first thing I noticed was the labels. Again, for 1st graders, this teacher has large print, simple words and an image to provide a visual.  She made this in Word, I think, by dragging photos into text. Pretty slick.  I also like how the label covers a lot of what is inside the bin, therefore making it much more visually pleasing.  For the art room, my mind goes wild with the possibilities. I could use this as a free art cupboard, labeling games and extra activities. I also wold like to label assessment games in this fashion, so when students finish early they can easily find something educational that relates to our Power Standards. These are also laminated and attached with velcro rounds. I purchased some of these little rounds so I am ready to go for the fall.

I know many of us aren’t thinking about the next school year quite yet- and don’t worry, I won’t jump the gun. (Lots more “getting ready” posts to come in August) HOWEVER, just seeing this makes me excited to think about the possibilities for starting with that clean and fresh art room in the fall.  Don’t you love it?  I’ll be sure to show you my progress as I work.  I did pop into my room the other day to grab something and noticed the floors were already waxed. Our new custodian had put my desk in a slightly different spot and I think I like it there! Maybe I’ll keep it. Gotta love happy mistakes.

Can’t get enough Art Room Organization Eye candy? The Teaching Palette has put together an Art Room Showcase to share art rooms from all around the country that have it going on. Lots to look at, so check it out!

Do you ever peek in other classrooms to get ideas? Do Share! 

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • I have absolutely been thinking about getting my classroom ready. It feels like it is right around the corner!

  • I love the Math Games section! Way awesome!


  • Chris

    Any chance you could hook us up with this super organized teacher?  I’d love to hear more about her Math Games.  They look amazing!

    • GuestFromTX

      Based on the names, it looks like all of her games are from Everyday Math (EDM).

      • Yes, they are Everyday Math. I am sorry I don’t know much more about it, since of course, I am the art teacher and don’t teach EDM.

  • Shines1234

    Thanks for sharing these pics.  I use the Everyday Math program too.  Do you think your colleague would share her labels?  They are fantastic!

  • crystal

    Would your co-worker mind sharing the file she used to create those labels?  I would absolutely love to label my math centers this way, but I don’t have the computer skills to create such beautiful labels.  

    • I dont’ work with her anymore, but I can try to contact her and see. She mentioned she just used Word.

  • Amanda

    Do you know where the organizer came from for the math games?

  • i think this type game is very charming children education games . so everyone must like this games.

  • Monica

    This room is much too visually distracting.