Jun 28, 2011

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A Year Ago…Get Organized!

A year ago on AOE…


Getting organized is a great summer topic, mainly because most of us have time think and reflect on the changes in our teaching, and how we organize ourselves to start out a new year.  Many of you say that one thing you want to work on is organization.  I am happy to help!

A year ago I talked about some strategies to Tackle Your Organizational Pitfalls 

and just for fun, while we are on the topic…

Is Organization a Necessity?  Are teachers who are organized “better” teachers? Weigh in right here.

How can Students Help you Organize?  Are you doing all of the work for no reward? Get your students involved.

Tackle Your Desk Drawer Now!   Mine was a mess, and then it wasn’t- See that journey here!


Happy Organizing!   Do you feel you are one of those people who needs to work on organization?  If so, why?

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