Jun 20, 2011

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Call For Presenters!

Do you have a great presentation to share with other art educators and live in the midwest?

The Art Educators of Iowa (AEI) Fall Conference is held in Des Moines, Iowa this year (our capital city) and our theme is Creativity in The City.  We will be bringing in Creativity scientists who were mentioned the very popular Newsweek article “The Creativity Crisis” which many of you read last summer.

We are looking for amazing presentations to showcase all of the great knowledge of art educators. If you live in Iowa or the midwest and want to come present at our conference, or just attend our conference, please consider it! Download the forms you need on the AEI website.  The research we’ve done to prepare for this conference inspired the course I am teaching in August “Creativity in Crisis” - So if you live to far away you can always get professional development online with AOE!

Are you a vendor or art education company who would like to have a booth or promote your products at our conference? Contact me, jessicabalsley(at)gmail.com and I’ll get you the forms.

I will be there and presenting on Blogging for Art Educators.  I will also be 9 months pregnant, so if you do come and want to meet, it shouldn’t be too hard to find me! :) Lets just hope I don’t go into labor at the conference. Wouldn’t that be something? Thankfully my hospital is only blocks from the conference site.  Wouldn’t that be a dramatic exit… “Art Education Blogger goes into labor during Art Education Conference Presentation.”  Ok, not so much. Fingers crossed!  All in the name of art education, I suppose.

Looking for a new Blog to follow?

Anyone admiring the beautiful logo above that was hand made for the conference? I posted more on that that right here.  My good friend and blogger, Allison hand cut the above logo out of paper. Isn’t it amazing?  In addition to being a talent artist, she also blogs on Creativity and Art Education over at Artful Minds: Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom.  I am already learning so much from her blog- I have not yet found an art education blog that focuses on creativity!  She is currently doing her Master’s thesis on Creativity and how to enhance it in her students, so lots of great content will be shared on her blog with strategies you can use with your students today!  My favorite post of her so far?  10 Ways to Get your Students to Think Artfully.  Hop on over and check it out!

Hooray for Professional Development!

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