May 24, 2011

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Summer Lovin’

Hi Everyone!

This is my last week of school, and tomorrow is my last day with kids! Horray for Summer! ….. Because of the crazy busy schedule, even my little blog planning and posting method couldn’t keep up this week!

Because I am in the “Summer” mindset, here are few things I’d like to share about summer and what AOE has in store.

1. More Content- Yes folks, I blog year round, so be sure to check back here every single week this summer, I”ll be adding lots more ideas, content and resources.  I even have some exciting giveaways and product reviews up my sleeve. Can’t wait to kickoff summer and share them with you!

2.  More Lessons- I plan to revamp my lessons page and add more lessons, units and resources for you to help plan for the fall.  I am thinking more COMPLETE lessons, with not just the plan but power points, websites, resources and handouts to go with some of the new lessons.  Plus, I have some ideas for new visuals to share with you.

3. Teaching Classes- Of course, I am teaching graduate classes online for art teachers and there is still plenty of time to sign up for any of the classes (Blogging deadline is this Friday, May 27th). Check out my Classes page for more information. Also, I will be launching new courses (and repeat old favorites) this fall and winter so if you can’t take a class this summer, you can count on AOE all year round to offer a variety of courses online.

4. Making Art- Yes, I’ll be making some artwork this summer for a very special cause- art for the baby’s room (catch up on that whole situation right here).  I am big believer that art teachers need to be practicing artists. Stay tuned for some of the things I come up with.

Speaking of making art, and fresh summer content, my dear friend and fellow artist, Sarah Welch has just launched (our should I say, re-launched) her printmaking career and has a new blog to follow her journey called “Wooden Spoon Editions

The name behind this site is kind of neat.  Instead of using a traditional baron,  she uses a wooden spoon to burnish the paper & create each print by hand.  She also studied in Florence for post bachelorette work and we both visited Florence together for an art history study abroad, so the traditional methods and classic art styles are really right up our alley.  The type of art I make really matches this rustic style that Sarah and I both love so much.

And now, for the eye candy:

I just LOVE her prints. They are whimsical, fresh and light. Perfect kickoff to summer. Follow Sarah and check out her printmaking process on her blog, Wooden Spoon Editions.  

Any advise for Sarah and she re-launches her printmaking career? I am sure she’d love to hear from fellow artist/teachers and get some feedback!  

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  • Dawn Kruger

    Sharp designs. Clean and crisp. I can picture them with a wide white mat and a simple glossy white frame. Good luck!