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Do you have a system in place that helps you organize your days and weeks?   I do!  Today I want to share with you my weekly/daily schedule that I live by each and every day. This one sheet functions as my lesson plan book, but is a very simplified version of my lesson plans broken down by week and really, by hour.  Hopefully this template can help you organize your days and weeks as you plan for next school year or even wrap up the last very busy weeks of this school year.

How It Works:

I write in the box the current lesson (and change for each class if some are ahead and behind).  I write something as simple as “Self Portrait-Day 2-Paint” to help remind me of what step we are on that week.  I also include my duties, lunch breaks and any other after school meetings on this calendar so I am sure not to forget. This always stays open on the edge of my desk. I have it secured in a nice travel binder so I can take it to my art department coordinator job and my other school I teach at.   I usually put the teacher’s name after the grade level, too. I took those off for you. (Example 1st Miller) so I know which home room is coming each day.

You can take this template and download it to fit your your needs and your schedule.  Download by clicking DailySchedule or by clicking on the image above.   The file is made in Excel. I realize my schedule is probably vastly different from yours, but this is customizable for you to edit how you wish once you download.

I print off plenty of these to get me through the weeks, three hole punch and write in lessons and any other notes throughout my week.  One of my co-workers has a page for everyday.  I decided a page a week was enough for me to keep track of. I like seeing the whole week visually on the same page.  It’s how this left/right brain works, I suppose.

I am dying to know- do you think my schedule is busy or kind of fluffy? I think it’s really busy, but who DOESN’T think they are busy?  Don’t be fooled by Thursday. I do not spend it sitting eating bonbons and watching soap operas, although it sure does feel good to sit down on Thursdays since the rest of my week is go go go!  Read more about my job on my About page. Do you like planning documents and want to see how I organize the lesson for my whole year? Download my Yearly Planning Matrix on this post of yore.

What are some tricks you have to share to keep your days and weeks organized? 

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Erica

    Wow! Take it from someone who has seen a lot of schedules. Yours is manageable. What is happening in our district is they are cutting art and special area teachers yet classroom teachers need there plan time. So basically special area teachers are the “plan time” people. We have no person like you to run the show and create a meaningful district wide cohesive curriculum. We do but we don’t if you know what I mean.
    We get 180 minutes of plan time contractually and 1/2 hour for lunch. We have duties and a required after school meeting once a week. I am a firm believer that you can get used to anything. And I HAVE! I would love be able to experiment a little more and be able to breath once in a while. But with back to back classes I’m finding I have to go to the tried and true lessons because there are so many kids in each class and no extra time for anything to run over.

    Basically, kids come into my room before school starts to “help” and get a positive start to the day then I teach 3 hour classes in the morning have 1/2 hour lunch then teach (2) 1/2 hour kinders and 1 or 2 more hour classes. My job is the best my schedule the worst.

    • Erica, You are SO right. You can get used to anything over time and the grass is always greener. Sounds like you have quite the challenging position and you are just the go-getter for the job. I admire you!

  • I do the exact same thing as you! Same exact set up. I really like it being able to see the whole week at a class. I can often just flip to the next page and write down what the kids will need to do the following week. Your schedule does look pretty busy!

  • kortneyk

    I have a similar page to keep me organized. I teach pre-k through 8th at four different schools. I teach all 34 classes every week. They are back-to-back 40 minute classes. Without my schedule page, I would likely drive to the wrong school several days a week!

  • Dawn Kruger

    My planner is very much like yours. It’s so nice to see what I did last year during that week. If a class period is altered (a holiday, kids gone on a field trip, a sub)I flag with red type. I name the files by quarter.week so they are always in order (this week is 4.8)

  • Laura Allan

    I do a similar 1 page a week plan, I have more detailed plans written that I keep in the back of my binder, organized by grade.
    Your Thursday looks nice, but 6 classes a day, back-to-back with only 45 min is hard. You have to run and push to get the kids in and out. That would be stressful. I used to do that schedule on a cart (glad those days are gone). Now I teach 5, 55 min classes a day, with a 5 min passing period. The extra time is wonderful … So fun to see what others are doing!

  • Anna

    I basically use the same schedule format as you do- detailed everyday as I go inbetween 2 schools… with notes on what supplies I need for each proj, do I need to bring art supplies from one school to another, field trips, missed classes, mtgs, etc… very helpful! Hope all is well!

  • Tracy

    Do you have any time between your classes? Does your duty day start at 7:30 or do you just go in early? And do you really only have 2 planning times all week?

    My schedule is very similar to yours, in that the classes are pretty much in the same order. I have a duty 4 days a week, but I also have 50 minute classes with 10 min in between(except between the last two classes, just 5). I have a planning period of 50 minutes a day and one display period, 50 min. every week. Our duty day begins at 8:30 and we are off at 3:30.

    • Tracy,

      No, I do not have any time in between classes and yes, I only get two preps in one week! (There is a window of time on Wednesdays, too, when I only have 5 classes.)

      I do like my schedule, and I have lots of systems in place to cope with the fast pace nature of the job. The duty starts when we arrive at work. We do have a lot of art department meetings, but they have been really valuable. I love the idea of a “Display Period” that seems to be the thing that never gets done around my school. I have to be really efficient with the time I am there. Thanks for your comments and feedback, great to hear what everyone is doing!

  • Dale

    It is interesting how varied schedules can be across the nation. I usually have six to seven 40 min. classes each week. I do have, sort of, 5 mins. between classes. However one class is usually late leaving and the other early. I have learned to say ” can you wait with them, I have to go to the bathroom”. Just this week I had to stand my ground about not having a lunch period one day. It’s not so much about getting something to eat as it is getting some quiet time for 20 mins. Here’s to a great year for everyone.

  • lmcneil1

    Your schedule seems realistic… although a bit tight.  I do not have time between classes either, and the lack of transition time is the hardest part of my schedule. I teach 35 classes a week; four 45 minute classes until my half hour lunch, then a half hour prek, and then two more 45 minute classes.  I have morning duty one week each month, and afternoon duty everyday.  At the end of the day, before duty, I have about 35-40 minutes for planning.  I, of course, do very little planning at school.  I use this time, if I don’t have a meeting, to put away materials, clean up, and set up for the next day.

    I like your planning page.  I have a similar page posted on my classroom door and a larger schedule written on a white board.  I keep current detailed lesson plans in a binder with tabs divided by grade level on my desk open to my current class for anyone to review during observation.  I also have old fashioned roll and planning books.  I divide my roll book with tabs with the days of the week.  Each day has seven rolls, which are in the order of schedule (4th, 2nd, K, 3rd, PK, 1st, 5th).  I use my page a week planning book to make at a glance notes about each class’ lesson.

    I agree with Dale, it is interesting to see how varied schedules can be.

  • Marsha Rogers

    Jessica, I am at one school and I am lead art teacher for my school system. I teach all days and have to do my Lead teacher things when I can find time. Are you considered a full time teacher? Marsha North Carolina

    • Yes, I was when I had that schedule last year. They crammed all of my classes into four days so I could do the lead teacher role. I still had a full load!