Jan 31, 2011

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It’s Clay Week!

Clayfobia.  The fear of working with clay and small children.

I am a self-proclaimed Clay-phobic. I once was terrified of working with clay and kids.  The mess.  The kiln.  The glaze.  Two Schools. The physical demands.  Oh the terror.  I have learned a lot along the way, and am still learning! Join me this week for “Clay Week” on AOE as I demystify the clay experience and share some tips and tricks that have helped me overcome my fears and … gasp… possibly even ENJOY working with clay!

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  • http://www.megskathy.etsy.com MegsKathy

    thanks for this! I will be doing a clay lesson in 2 weeks and also am not looking forward to it. Too many times the pieces break or are lost. I will only be teaching one class this time with the clay lesson, but then I bring the clay pieces to the studio, where they dry with about 1000 other pieces from all the other classes! A lot of opportunity for things to go wrong. I can’t wait to read any suggestions you have.

  • Lauren Wenk

    I’m thinking of you this week! Hope your doing a fun project! Wish I could be there to help! = )