Jan 28, 2011

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How to follow 100 Art Ed Blogs and Stay Sane

I follow 100 Art Ed blogs and I have not lost my mind. How? Google Reader.

The video below shows you a brief tutorial on how Google Reader works.

Google Reader is part of the Google Applications family.  It is a place the houses blogs you want to follow without actually going to each individual site. You can log into Google Docs much like you would log into your email.  Google Reader aggregates the content into one place.  It shows you what is new, and what you have read. It is an efficient way I can stay up to date on what is going on in the world of art education without wasting hours and hours each night.  Not that viewing all of the blogs would be waste of time, however, I do have a life, and a blog of my own, and a family and a career and hobbies..You get the picture.  I believe that in order to live life to the fullest you need to.. well… live it…. not spend it in front of a screen.  I do love technology, however, and the great things it can bring to our lives. This is my compromise.

Here is a few of my reader. On the left you can see the blogs I follow. The blog you click on will show up in the screen on the right side.

Every day, I log into Google Reader like it’s my own personal newspaper. I spend about 15 minutes viewing what is new and interesting to me, read the posts and can visit the original site for the blog if I feel like commenting. What is stellar is that I can organize my blogs into folders for my different interests. The number after the folder indicates unread items.

In order to add a blog to you reader, you simply click “Add a Subscription” and copy and paste the blog URL (web address) into the blank below. Then, the blog is added and you can drag it into the folder you desire.

Google Reader is a lifesaver. One place + 100 Blogs = Happy Art Teacher!

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  • Troy

    After reading this post, I spent most of my morning creating and organizing my Google Reader account! Why did I not already do this???? This really helped to organize the multitude of blogs I read each day, and I looooove that I can organize them by subject(Knitting, Art Education, English Bulldogs) I read all of them in less than half of the time it usually takes! Thanks so much for the advice:) Do you think you could post the whole list of Art Ed Blogs you read….id like to know what else is out there:)

  • http://handsheadnheart.blogspot.com/ NancieKay

    I knew about Google docs but not about Reader – thanks for the tip! At last count I think I had more than 120 blogs I follow on my blog page but this will save some time in keeping up with all of them…

  • http://vividlayers.blogspot.com/ Marcia Beckett

    I just discovered google reader too and it does make it easier to read all the blogs. I have about 300 that I subscribe to! craziness I know, but I keep finding more. And then I hit the 300 limit (which is all blogger allows you) so I have to delete some that aren’t used as much.

  • Angie

    I don’t know how you could possibly follow more than a couple of sites without it. Between art blogs, quilting blogs, friends blogs, art ed blogs, I am still not sane :)

  • http://brownjessicaedm310.blogspot.com/ Jessica Brown

    Hey! I just started blogging recently for class, and was told about Google Reader. I did some searching and found an app for my Droid so that I can check my reader from my phone! Just thought I’d share because it really makes the reader easy to access from anywhere there isn’t a computer available.

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      I have an ap for my iphone called “Reader.” that is VERY handy. Thanks for sharing that idea!

  • http://smilesandsunshine.wordpress.com Shauna

    I personally like using iGoogle to keep up on my art blogs. Do you have the list of 100 posted somewhere?

    • http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com Jessica Balsley

      Hi Shauna

      I don’t have a list, however, I think after all of the requests I got, I will do my best to make one! The sidebar on my blog just won’t cut it for that many.

  • Tuesday

    thanks for this article. i use igoogle to manage my personal blog subscriptions. however, after reading your post, i realised how useful this is for companies who would like to monitor what´s being said about their product in the internet.

  • kate

    I used Google Reader all last year during my first year of teaching–huge help!! One other thing you can do is ‘search’ at the top of the screen and it will search just the art blogs you subscribe to. It helps for any topic! Thanks for this!!

  • http://noithatfami.com.vn Noi that van phong

    Great article! This is what i want to find. Thank you.