The Ultimate Assessment PDF

Anglea Maiers, who is someone I greatly look up to in the field of Education, just posted about the work she did consulting with our art department.  View her article here “The Importance of the Arts in Education.” For our with with the art department she and I collaborated and worked together for the common good of the group.  You can see the resources she created for us on her site. In addition to her resources,  I created a PDF based upon her internet research to help our art department sort through the different arts assessments available and being implemented around the country.

You can download my PDF on Arts Assessments  by clicking on the image below. It’s a large file. All of the links are live so you can visit the different websites to learn more about Assessment in Art Education. I had so much fun creating this resource and learned A TON.

This document is your one stop shop to learning more about arts assessments!  As some of you may know, my art department is in the process of creating a new assessment plan. We are moving away from our Bubble Sheet Tests to something more authentic and more creative. I am super excited about the research we are doing. I firmly believe that Art Assessment Matters, and I am committed to helping our art department come up with assessments that truly represent what we are teaching and our students are learning. Stay tuned as I update you on our progress.

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Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! It’s so apparent that you put a TON of work into this and it is so well done. :) Definitely want to connect with you further on this!

  • I’m blown away by your ‘Ultimate Assessment PDF” Jessica. What a great resource!

    • Thanks, Craig! I hope to make more resources like this in the future and use them for grad classes I will be teaching! Hope to “Tweet Up” with you in Seattle!

  • Leah

    This is a great document, but I do have to say the portions from Alaska are misleading.  I live in Alaska and last fall actually did research into how many districts in the state offer art programs of any kind.  The answer is that most do not.  For the most part, you will find certified art instructors in Anchorage and Fairbanks.  Most of the rest of the state is so remote that art experiences range from none, to the classroom teacher doing projects, to a teacher who is actually certified as something else but may be good at art teaching the art classes and listed as the art teacher.  I found one distict where the same person was the art teacher, the title teacher and the athletic director!  And some districts literally have only 3-5 teachers and just can’t sustain a certified art instructor unless they were an itinerant who traveled by plane from school to school.  It’s too bad that the Department of Education and Early Development doesn’t back up their rhetoric with action, because there are amazing kids out there who are really missing out!!