Jan 12, 2011

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Private Art Lessons

I am giving private art lessons to my neighbor’s daughter for one month.  She is in 4th grade, super smart, loves art and they thought it would be a really unique gift.  So, anyhow, I thought I would share some very quaint pictures of our private art lessons. She sure did  a great job learning. I could tailor the projects to specifically what she wanted to learn more about, which really made it meaningful.  My husband I made a big deal when she came over that the lessons took place “Down in the art studio,” and she thought it was special to paint on my real easel.

The first project we did was a painting for her room of a sunset. I showed her wet on wet watercolor techniques and we talked about the color wheel and in which order to blend the colors.  Notice the helper. This picture just breaks my heart it’s so sweet.

The next project we did was a junk sculpture using hot glue. This is a very cool project and I have done it with 60 students in a gym with hot glue guns. Mercy! One student was a lot easier.

We also did a cat sculpture using model magic. She then made a little “environment” for the cat. I was showing her how to mix colors to make a lighter and darker grey.  Do you see our live model?

For me, it has been really cool to work one on one with a student. When you have class sizes of 30 or more, you never really feel like you get to chat with the kiddos. This is way different and special.

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  • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com Art Project Girl

    Love the cat on the shelf! Sculpting from life;)

  • http://www.sleepyheaddesignsstudio.blogspot.com stacy

    I can’t imagine working with 30 students-that would overwhelm me! I’ve always worked with 7 or less and I love getting to know them on a more personal level. I do private painting lessons quite a lot and they are my favorite. Kudos to you teachers who can teach the large groups ; )

  • http://artprojectgirl.blogspot.com Art Project Girl

    Oops, the program is not called iComic it’s called Comic Life. I will change that on my blog. Hope you have it on your computer too!!!