Mini Laptops

Our school is fortunate enough to have two mobile labs. These laptop labs are on a cart and can be wheeled into any classroom. Because I did not have a full week of kids before winter break, I decided to try some new things to enrich the standards we were already learning about in the art room.

One lesson I recently talked about was the lesson on Wayne Thiebaud. I talked about the cake maker website, too, in this post. The site lets you decorate cakes and pies using digital tools in the style of Wayne Thiebaud.

For one class period, I had 4th grade students make digital art using the Cake Maker website.

Aren’t the mini laptops, cute! They are mostly used for browsing the internet and research by students in our school.  I have to say, I have never heard the art room so quiet. Kids were really into it.

I allowed each student to print one of their pieces of art.

I have to say, I was nervous to check out the mobile lab. I rarely have time for something like this with our short class periods and intense curriculum but I do see the value in it and I know it was fun for the kids.  I now have the confidence to to more with technology and kids.

What ways do you get technology in the hands of students?

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Amy

    I was in that same position before break. I had different classes go on digital photography scavenger hunts. We looked for elements of design, colors and even hidden alphabets! It was so chaotic but every kid as engaged! We also have the mobile labs and I’ve had the kids look up a reference photo through the clip art collection in Word. They can log in, look up a picture, use it for inspiration, and I don’t have to store thousands of visuals anymore.

    • How about a virtual field trip to visit Las Caux Caves or the Louvre Museum. These are great when paired with a scavenger hunt.

  • Just tell the kids to BYOD! (bring your own device)Everything will take off from there.

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