Dec 17, 2010

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Resource: Architecture for Kids

How much free time do you have? Seriously how much?  I am about to unleash upon you something that will take a great deal of your time. On the NAEA Website they still have presentation resources from previous year’s NAEA Conference.

This is the link to the Resources Page on a Presentation entitled A to Z Architecture for Kids

There are SO many lesson plans, Power Points, Images and information regarding architecture for kids here, I don’t even know where to begin, and neither will you, but it sure is wonderful, so enjoy!

I do have several architecture lesson plans (with resources!) my students will be working on this spring. I’ll be sure to share when we are done!

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  • Ashley

    The links do not seem to be opening/working once I am on the website with the huge list. . ? :/

  • Diann

    I have tried repeatedly to access these – they all sound so promising, but I can not do so. Is there another way to access them?