Nov 30, 2010

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Rocking the Palette

I am excited to announce that I was a guest author on one of my very favorite places for art education: “The Teaching Palette.”  If you are an art educator, you need to check out this site. It’s professional. It’s personal. It’s just a downright perfect place to learn more things about art education and connect with other art educators.

So, needless to say I am thrilled be a part of the conversation on The Teaching Palette!

A few weeks ago, we did a theme here on AOE regarding Parent Communication, topics discussed included:

My guest post at The Teaching Palette continues with this theme….the post is titled:

Communicate with Parents in One Simple Step

I talk about my “Itty Bitty Papers” – basically little messages I glue on the back of student artwork to educate parents, students and teachers about what is happening in the art room.  Read the entire post here!

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  • Theresa McGee

    We were thrilled to have you guest post for us on The Teaching Palette! When we started our blog, we knew that we didn’t have all the answers nor could we do it alone. We loved collaborating with you! (We love your blog too=:)

  • MadisonArtTeacher

    I have just linked this article to my blog. I’m starting Itty Bitty papers now!

  • Christy Vance

    I put my version of the “itty bitty paper” on the back of my half sheet grading rubric that goes home with projects…. I do wish I could attach it though…. Hmmm.