Tech Teach:Color In Motion

Today I want to share a site called “Color In Motion.

This is a very fun site for elementary kids or even middle school.

Among other things, the site:

  • Talks about the colors of the rainbow
  • Talks about emotions relating to the colors in our world
  • Gives a profile of each color’s mixing properties

My favorite is “The Movies” portion of the site. The kids love to sit back and watch each color come to life in an animated form. Play around with it, and you might find something pretty fun and worthy of sharing. It’s especially great if you have 5 extra minutes of art.

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • Kristyn

    I have used this site with upper elem. kids before and they really enjoyed it.

  • I found this site about a week before our state governor’s wife came to visit our school along with some other schools from around the nation so we were asked to display technology since that is something we are known for I can alter this for my grades 1-5 and my kindergarten kids got to watch this as a prize since I only see each class for 20 min. My 6-8th graders also used this and created visuals to illustrate the color they picked and had to do a monochromatic image based on one of the words that was paired with their color. Some came out really good some were just lazy but I know that project will be a repeat one since it really made them think!

  • Claire

    Warning for teachers of young and immature students: Make sure you preview this site thoroughly before using in the classroom. The Movie section is wonderful. In perusing the Stars and Lab sections, I came across some words (sexuality, eroticism) I would prefer to not explain in Art class!

    • Oh, thanks for the tip, Claire! I never saw that part when I showed it to students, thankfully!