Positivity Notes

One way that I communicate with parents is through email. Each week, I try to send an email to a parent with something positive their student has done.  Think about it and ask yourself – What is the main reason teachers call home or write home to a parent?  Usually Johnny is in trouble! What if you were contacted by a teacher for the simple fact that you wanted to say something positive? From the art teacher, no less? This makes a huge impact.

Here are some examples of notes I have sent home:

If this gives you the warm fuzzies to read, wait until you read the responses from the parents!

So, writing notes home to parents does many things:

1. Communicates something POSITIVE

2. Builds relationships

3. Makes both parties feel pretty great!

Think about it, what have you done, or do you want to do, to improve the following three points above? Please share! Positivity is contagious.

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • I love your blog!!! I just discovered it yesterday and can’t get enough. I need some time to read all of your archives.

    Last year I started to send home postcards to parents. The idea came after I (at 38) was forced to take one more of the many boxes that have been sitting in my parent’s basement 3 hours from me! I found a postcard from my h.s. Biology teacher and copied his wording.
    “Just to let you know…..
    Your child is one of the reasons that I love being a teacher!”
    It is simple. My goal is to send home 3 per week from each of my schools. I do this alphabetically- week 1=a,b,c last names, and on and on.
    Speaking of…I need to get 3 more in the mail before I head home tonight!

    • Kendra,
      Thanks for stopping by – I am so glad you are enjoying the blog! I like your postcard idea and it’s another great way to start building those positive relationships with parents. I also like that it was inspired by one of your own teachers. Pass the passion! Keep in touch, I am sure you have much to share.

    • I love the postcard idea! I need to stop reading this blog. It’s giving so much extra work. Really though, wonderful ideas!

      • That is how I feel sometimes, too. Make a file and put them away in your idea box. Gradually you will do them as you refine your teaching. You should see my idea list, it’s endless…