Christmas in October?

The other day I walked into my classroom and found package sitting on my desk! Everyone loves a package so I tore into it…. and found these books!  WHOO HOO!

It’s the Davis series Art Education in Practice. Our curriculum office ordered this set a year ago when we went under curriculum review, but they never came. I had forgotten I has sent away for them again, and they surprised me at my doorstep!

Because I am the Content Facilitator for our K-5 Art Department (learn more about my wild schedule here) the art department will be using these books as resources and I will keep them for departmental use and for my own research as I guide our department.  Remember, I spend one day per week planning professional development for the art teachers in our district, as well as organizing anything art related for our team. I love it!

Currently I am reading the Assessment in Art Education book. Right now we are focusing on assessment in our district and revamping our assessments K-12. I will post a lot more this month on Assessment in Art Education, what hot topic with no easy answers.

So far, I would really recommend these books as a comprehensive resource to any art educator! More to come on my learnings through reading Assessment in Art Education and our department’s extensive study on assessment an the arts.

Has anyone read any other of these books and would recommend one to me to read after I finish the Assessment book? Thanks so much!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • You will like these. I used them a bunch during my masters program. There are many ideas to ponder in these wonderful books. How fun to get a surprise like that!

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  • Suzie Q Strother

    I’m a newbie to the art education world, but ironically just purchased her book on Amazon. The Assessment, I can’t wait to receive it through the mail, so I can start reading it. So, I can start being familiar and be ready for my job for when it comes. In Gods time.