Power to the Point

Recently I posted this lesson on Kandinsky for 1st grade students.  You can find the printable lesson plan on my Lessons Page.

While the lesson plan is a great resource, I wanted to share with you the Power Point that I use to introduce this lesson. Click here to download it. Scroll to the bottom of the visuals page and you will find it.  YouTube has some excellent links I have added into this PowerPoint that brings Kandinsky paintings to life. The kids will love it and I hope you will, too.

Why Power Point?

I use Power Point for most of my introduction/motivations in my lessons because I travel between schools. This makes it very easy for me to bring my laptop to each of my schools and share all of the images and facts with all of my students. Plus, if I ever move schools or move cities, I will have all of my teaching resources digitally saved.  I try to find that balance between digital and old-fashioned methods of teaching. I’ve saved my images via Power Point since I started teaching, and my physically clutter with images, prints and posters is very manageable because of it.  Plus, when projected on the large screen in my room, all students are able to really see and interact with the images.

Want to Download my Power Points?

AOE has a new feature! You can now download Power Points as I add them on my “Visuals” page at the top of the blog. I hope you find them helpful and they provide great visual stimulation for your lessons and artist facts!

Enjoy! I’d love to hear from you about any uses you are finding for my visuals!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • allison

    Thanks for sharing the power point presentations! I love that! I love the layout of your website. It’s so neat, organized and helpful. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into sharing your wonderful ideas – especially the power points and lesson plan organizational ideas. Many other sites will mention that they used a powerpoint to begin a lesson but I have never found a site that offers and allows us to download them. I love this! Thanks so much! You just made my job that much easier and better. Thank you – Thank you! Great website!

    • Wow, Allison, I am blushing over here! Thanks for your kind words. I share because I care and I learn SO much by sharing and interacting with other art educators. It’s a win-win! I hope to add more Power Points as time goes on, I have TONS more to share. Keep in touch!

  • Khyman

    Have you discovered PREZI, yet?   I recently used it for a presentation instead of Powerpoint and Love, Love,Love it!  It’s so easy to continue to build and add to your presentation to make it more interesting and meaningful.  Try it out.  There is a free educational edition.

  • Nylah

    Hi Jessica, 
    Just wanted to let you know if you can check the download link for the powerpoint. It isn’t working.  Would love to take a look at it before Thursday (I teach about Kandinsky to camp kids)…Btw, love all your posts…..I have learned more here than I did in Teacher’s college… :) 

    • Nylah,
      I am sorry this link is not working. I will not have a chance to get it uploaded by Thursday. I am working on checking many of the links now, I am sorry!