Expanding and Efficient


This is another organization post. Can you tell my heart flutters when organizing the art room? Why do I love organization so much? Because it really does make your life easier. So you can spend more time on other things, like working with kids on art, or thinking of your next great lesson, or networking with other art professionals.

I am a traveling teacher, and coordinate professional development for my district’s art department!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Terrace Elementary)

Thursday (Art Department Coordinator)

Friday (East Elementary)

So, with basically three different jobs in one week, my week can get a little crazy, but I truly LOVE it.  Traveling to two schools makes it tricky to remember everything for all of your lessons. I have K-5 students at both schools, therefore, I need supplies for all of the grade levels at both places.

This, my friends, is the very most best invention for keeping all 6 lesson plans and supplies neatly corralled.

Oh expanding file, have I told you lately that I love you?  Each color represents a grade level. In the pouch I keep lesson plans, handouts, visual libraries, tracers, examples, and anything else I might need for the lesson.  Then, when I am ready to travel to the other school….Presto!

It collapses into an expanding file folder.  Then, it gets even better. It comes with this handy carrying case that it slips into.  Just grab the handle and go!

When I arrive at the next school, I simply unfold it and hang it up and all my lessons are easy to get and organized.  I also have another one of these strictly for art department facilitating, that I can grab and take to meetings.  I ordered them from a school organizational catalog for around 20 bucks each.  It’s called Calloway House. You can buy it here. Although the website isn’t fancy, you may find yourself wanting everything in this catalog!

Any other traveling teachers out there? Any tips for living and teaching in two spaces? Please share!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.