Aug 16, 2010

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“Painted Love”

One corner of my classroom that I have not shown you yet is the paint center! I only have two sinks in my art room. with a class full of 30 kiddos at time this can be tricky. Keeping my paints, brushes, and water cups organized and easy to access really helps when the kids pass things out and also is great for rinsing drying and getting this put away in the correct spots!

I keep all the brushes and mixing cups in a handled tote.  Water tubs and more cups are stored next to it. Then, I lay a towel in front of it to try off everything after they are washed. As you can see, the brush labels this area just like I labeled my other supplies, shown in this post.

Brushes are organized by size and type.  This makes it easy for students to help put things away without my constant guidance.  You can see how I organize my art room helpers right here. With clean tables and a shiny wax floor, my classroom is clean and ready for students, who will be coming in one day! Now, let’s get out the paint brushes and them get it nice and dirty! :)

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  • The Art Teacher

    In my district, I have yet to meet an elementary art teacher who has a sink in her room. Some of us don’t even have rooms. Most of us are at more than one school. Not a complaint, just sharing! Keep up the good posts!

    • Jessica Balsley

      Thanks for the insight. We’ll have to write up some articles for teachers with unique classroom settings.