Tackle Your Organizational Pitfalls

As I think about the start of a new school year, I also think about the condition I left my room in back in May.  This Article From Teachhub.com, entitled “Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips to Tackle Classroom Organization gives some great tips on organizing your classroom clutter.  The article talks about leaving your classroom in good shape in the spring to make returning in the fall much easier.  It’s not too late, even now, to tackle some of your cutter issues in your classroom!

The article talks about these three tips:

1. Walk Away from Bargains

2. Just Throw it Away

3. Foresee and Avoid problems

I’ve become ruthless about throwing things away and keeping things organized in my own classroom, mainly because I have a small classroom, (which you can see in this post).

If I haven’t used it in a few years, chances are good I won’t be needing it.  Just like keeping your home organized and de-cluttered, its important to keep your classroom in good working condition to do your job effectively.

For example, if you constantly battle piles, then maybe your goal this fall would be to implement a system (perhaps in/out boxes) to keep your piles under control.  Maybe your problem is keeping your cupboards organized. Spend a few hours and tackle it, and I guarantee you will feel better as the busy year begins.

My organizational goal this year: Email inbox. Keeping it cleaned out and keeping it organized. With emails flying in all day long, and not much time to sit and check it, I really want to decrease my “digital” cutter this year. I will keep you posted on my progress with this goal!

What is the condition of your classroom right now? What steps do you want to take to become more organized for this school year? Do tell!

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.


  • I have to say, “Just throw it away” is one rule I live by. You just cannot KEEP everything, so If know I am just not going to use it I throw it away. I also, really try to clean out my room at the end of each year! Great suggestions!

  • Elaine Schwab

    Seems like you are organized inyour class room as well as your home. It must be eaaier if you break it down in small task than let it overwelm you. Waht about the high cost of materials that you might throw away?

    • Usually I do not feel badly about throwing away something that is old, dried up and rotted (as in paints and glazes) and also any donated items that I do not have a use for. Otherwise, I can try to find a daycare of another teacher that may be able to use it. We even did junk sculptures to re-use items last year.:)

  • I have just discovered your blog! Thank you for all these wonderful ideas! Your organization is awesome as well. Please check out my blog at the website listed.
    Becca Ruth

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  • Vivian

    Well, currently, all of my supplies are either locked up in cabinets or boxed up. When I unpack, I plan to create and label systems for many common art materials, where to put finished art work, and for my own materials for each new project. I also will go through my files as paper clutter tends to be my issue! I challenge myself this year to get much more efficient with my choices about paper, sooner rather than later. Every year it seems to get a little better.

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