My Triangle Shaped Art Room

The title to this post was no mistake. Yes, I have an art room shaped like a triangle!

Recently I participated in this conversation about noise level in the art room on one of my favorite Art Education sites, The Elementary Division NAEA Community.  As a part of this conversation, it became very clear to me why I was so concerned about keeping noise levels down.  My art room is in the shape of a triangle and I have no doors!

I teach in an “open concept” school with pods and common areas.  None of the classrooms have doors, including the art room.  Therefore, I am always concerned about the learning of others around me.  I have a strategy for keeping noise levels down that I posted about here.

Although my space is small, I enjoy teaching in a smaller art room, because it creates a sense of community.  I have very easy access to be able to help my students during class.  I also am forced to keep very organized because I do not have the storage space to keep accumulating things.  I have grown accustomed to living the simple life in the art room and it feels great.  The focus is on teaching and learning, not all of the extra “stuff.”

I made space for a carpet in my art room, because I have K-2nd grade students come right down to the carpet when they enter class. I find that demonstrations and discussions go much smoother when I have the little ones on the carpet with less distractions. It also provides a nice routine for them.

The “Space” you teach in says a lot about your teaching style and also says a great deal about the community you are creating in your art room.  How does your space work for you?

Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.